Are you being served?

The answer to that question is…uhhhh, kinda. Okay, let me explain. Back in mid-December, I switched from a satellite TV provider to a TV/Internet/Voice bundle package. When I spoke to the CSR (customer service rep) about a week beforehand, she told me what my monthly bill would be and also that I would be receiving a $100 VISA gift card as reward for being a new customer. Well that’s just completely cool so I’ve been eagerly anticipating my card, having to wait til I’ve had the bundle service 30 excruciating days. All was well until I was laid off…AGAIN on Dec. 30th.

I was paid on Dec. 31st so that was great but my check was only $376.46 for the week, since I didn’t work a whole 40 hours. I had a few things to cover monetarily but for the most part, I saved a little of what was left. My agency witholds a week so I still had another check coming, payable on Jan. 7th. While normally that would be a good thing, 60% of it went to pay the first “bundle” bill. ($280.59 thankyouverymuch) I also paid the prorated amount from my last satellite bill and then a few more dollars to the pawn shop to cover my loan tickets. Oh don’t worry…some of these I’ve had for about 2 yrs. Most of the nice diamond jewellry my mother left me when she passed. I’ll get it out eventually. Moving right along…

Yeah, that wasn’t what was bothering me. See, I was kinda looking forward to getting that VISA card so I could give it to my mother in law to cover some of the grocery costs.  Since the “bundle” bill was paid, I called the company to see about my gift card, as I wasn’t able to locate any information on their website. ( you know how those things can glitch up). Aaaaannnnyway, when I finally reached a CSR (high call volume day…go figure) she asked a few questions and I could hear her little digits tapping the ol’ keypad to access my account and see what was up. Apparently, I’d gotten about $360 in discounts by signing up for this bundle service, therefore, I wasn’t eligible to receive the $100 gift card. Say who?? So I said to her “I guess because that would be like double-dipping, correct?”, to which she replied “That’s correct ma’am” (this is where I released a heavy and perturbed sigh). Okay, well now my good mood has gone South. She then asks if I have any other questions or concerns and when I reply no, she does the whole “thank-you-for-being-a-valued-customer-we-appreciate-your-business” and we hang up.

Do I have any other questions or concerns…indeed. Yes, I have a question: WHY THE HELL CAN’T YOU TRAIN EVERYONE ON YOUR STAFF THOROUGHLY??? I realize customer service reps can’t possibly know the answer to absolutely everything but still…the gift card/huge discount conflict is something you should maybe tell potential customers AT THE TIME THEY CALL FOR SERVICE!!! Good grief Charlie Brown,  I have $3.08 in my account, my idiot light in VanDamn is brightly glowing orange, which means there’s not enough gas to go further than the grocery store. Magical…

All I’m sayin’ is that when you need customer service, three different people can give you three different answers. Like anything else, it’s based on experience and not every instance is the same. I just think that if there is an obvious conflict like in my case, you should at least notify the caller so they can make an informed decision.

Okay…I’m off my soapbox now. Gonna go away and play or read or…something. Laters!  : )


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