My Book Report

No, this is not like the one you used to do in school.  It’s just me, an avid reader, providing my own humble opinion of books I think are worth reading. My interests are very wide ranging so I wouldn’t expect my interests to become your interests. Sometimes I like chick lit, other times biographies and then again, I might like a good mystery or “cozy”.  If the story has any coarse language or adult situations, I’ll let you know that too. Just call me Tipper. LOL  Kidding.

I have so many ideas in my head at any one time that it’s difficult to get them all down on paper or the Memo app in my BlackBerry. I hope this is one y’all like because I’m a HUGE fan of books and not necessarily the audio or e-book. Sorry, I like to pick up a new book and smell the pages. I’ll do the same with an old book or even a magazine. I’m old school y’all and I hope we never, EVER get rid of a physically printed book. THAT would be sacrilege to book lovers like me!!

So treat ’em kind, recommend one if you can but leave the TV off for a while and curl up with a good book. All it costs you is a trip to your local library. And if they don’t have it, they can do an inter-library loan. So……what are you waiting for?? Go get that book!!!


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