Weighing in…er, sort of.

Okay, I can’t put it off anymore…it’s high time I just say what has been hinted at for a while now but not completely and truly acknowledged: I’m overweight. Geeeaahhh! I’m cringing now…<<sigh>>  Hell no I’m not gonna tell you how much!!  LOL  I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I don’t think I look too awful bad and in fact, I think I carry my weight well, (check the pic from my Sept. 10, 2010 post) though my Hanes wedgie-free panties would beg to differ.

Now don’t go thinking that I’m saying I’m “big boned”. On the contrary. I’m rather petite (read: short) and most of my life, wore a size 6 until after I was 40 yrs. old. Menopause and inactivity go together like oil and water, plus,  I quit smoking a few months after my 40th.  I still have those Old Navy jeans hanging in my closet. Every now and then, when I’m looking for something to wear, I look at ’em and wearily sigh as I remember what my mother in law said after I began putting on a few pounds..”you’ll never get into those again”.  Sadly, she was right…SO far.

I have the body ball, Pilates bar and those damn Perfect Pushups devices but they’ve been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for while. I do believe the local dust bunnies have found a happy home there with my makeshift “gym” equipment. Just so you know, I was pretty committed  for about 2 mos. or so and for some reason, I just quit my little redneck exercise regimen. Don’t know why because I was actually seeing some results for my half hearted efforts, so all I can do at this point is chalk it up to my frame of mind at the time…y’know, or maybe now too. What??  Least I’m honest.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown more comfortable in my own skin and I like the person I’ve become.  I suppose one of the reasons I developed my “yes I care/no I don’t” point of view is due in part to finally coming to terms with the dissolution of my marriage, remaining friends with my ex (kinda helpful since we share a house) and knowing the pressure is off our relationship. In my fuzzy female logic, that equates to less time working out and more time playing online games or reading books, i.e., being sedentary. So between menopause slowing my metabolism to a snail’s pace and me not willing to un-ass my bed and move around some, I put on a little weight. There are a few upsides though…very few.

One of the positives of my weight gain: my boobs are frickin’ HUGE! I didn’ t breast feed after my son was born (I smoked at the time) so I took these pills to dry up the milk factory. In one stinkin’ day, my boobs went from a nice comfy ‘C’ to a pathetic ‘A’.  I like my new-found cleavage but it can pose problems. Like when you have to power walk through Walmart to pick up a few things and they jiggle  like a couple of ginormous Jello molds attached to your chest. (I did say very few positives, remember?)  There are certain bras I can’t wear either. If I stay this big, my boobs will end up looking like a couple grapefruits in a tube sock…not good.

Hey! Here’s a positive: my skin is nice and pliable and I look younger! Yeah, that’s just grabbin’ at straws there. I didn’t look old before I put on weight. Lemme tell you something about menopausal cellulite though…it has a different lumpy look than young cellulite. Yes, I am totally serious and I can see it every time I look in the mirror. See, my boobs aren’t the only thing that got bigger…my Jenny from the block butt looks like Jenny from two or three blocks and it’s got hail damage kids. I ain’t lyin’!  I know, I know, TMI…but that’s sorta the whole point. If we women don’t share issues like this, how the heck are we supposed to inspire one another to greater things?  Besides, being overweight is a bit like being 8 months pregnant, in that some places are hard to reach in the shower…’nuff said.

Some of you made a resolution for the new year and some didn’t. I fall into the latter category. I’m supposed to have my CIMT this week (the carotid artery thingy) and I realize I have to stop being so damn lazy and get healthy. I can still eat mac’n cheese or chocolate cake and I can even have my Newcastle brown ale every night. I just  need to make sure I’m stuffing my face with lots of fresh fruits and veggies and get off my duff to exercise. I believe the technical term is moderation. I’m getting so sick and tired of all the adverts on television about Sensa or hoodia or those stupid fat burning pills that are not EVEN good for you.

I believe the best way is the old fashioned way: eat right and exercise but stay committed to it. I got one of those “Just 10” bands from Dr. Oz  so I would lose just 10 lbs. to get healthier. Lord knows I need it too since heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and lupus is part of my family medical history. We all get half crocked in middle age but we don’t have to stay that way. We can make a concerted effort to take care of our bodies the way we take care of our autos so they both run more efficiently. There’s NO WAY I’ll give up my Coca-Cola Classic but I CAN drink less of it. Fact is, we can all do a little something to help ourselves live longer. We don’t have to be bone thin because that’s not healthy either. Just find a pace that works for you and when you begin to see results, you’ll want to do more and maintain your new healthy body.

I want to start by entering a Walk for Lupus 5K, if it’s at all possible. I’ve never done anything like that before but I gotta start somewhere, right? Besides, what’s a few uncomfortable miles compared to the lifetime of pain my mother suffered before lupus finally claimed her by damaging every organ in her body? If I can do that, then I can move forward with almost anything I set my mind to…for real. Til next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!


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  1. Randi Marshall
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 20:13:35


    Talk to Angela. She runs marathons all the time… Not only is that a great way to exercise but you will meet some new people as well! Hugggsssss


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