Spring fever Sunday

What a FABulous day in North Texas!! We had a little cold front on Thursday but today? Low 70s and sunny. In February even!! Just one of the reasons I love living in the Lone Star state. Lest you think me a heartless wench, I should tell you that I spent part of my childhood in Omaha, Nebraska and vividly remember walking to primary school with 3 and 4 ft. snowdrifts beside me. So, while I do have complete empathy for the folks in the North and North East regions of the US, you’ll forgive me if I “high side” a little over these Spring-like temps.

Although it has been a beautiful day and perfect for heading to the lake for a boat ride, I did no such thing. Nope…I stayed right here and decided to have a beer or 2 and give myself a pedicure.


There’s just something about a warm, sunny day that inspires me to do that. Guess I’m just too redneck, who knows? It wasn’t completely non-productive, though. I finished manuscript #1 and suffered though a few bug bites while doing so. Good thing I keep hydrocortisone cream in my “writer’s bag”, huh?

My son, however, did go to the lake to hang out with a friend who has a houseboat. (lucky friend) That’s okay, though because Spring is right around the corner. I can smell it. Time to think about a little writer’s getaway to a cabin by the lake. Yep…just me, a little grub, a couple brewski’s and wide open spaces. I’ll find a way to make it happen. Until then, here’s some Lone Star sunset for ya. God Bless Texas…



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kathie
    Feb 16, 2015 @ 22:02:21

    It WAS gorgeous….


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