Aaaaand I’m back!

Yes, I still have a pulse and no, I have not abandoned my blog. Sure seems like it though, huh? I mean, after a…ahem…”sabbatical” of 13 months…well, I’m sure it appeared that I just gave up. SO not the case, I assure you.

You may or may not remember that way back in 2012, I posted that when my son’s iTunes app updated on my laptop (which I graciously allowed him to use), it wasn’t compatible with other apps in my system and so it crashed. Couldn’t even turn it on. I was miffed but what can you do? At the time, I was in a contract position so I didn’t really have the extra funds to have it repaired. Fast forward to Christmas 2014 and my Facebook post about “slip a laptop under the tree, for me…” to the tune of Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”. One of my friends posted that she had one she didn’t use. I passed because I thought I would be able to save enough for a new one. Wrong.

Now we come to January and my friend messages me and tells me the laptop is mine if I want it, I just need to come by and see if it will work for me. And so I did, it does and the price was right! When I went to pick it up, she said she figured it  was so I could continue writing and she would be correct. She is such an angel and I appreciate her so very much. Thank you, D.R.!!

I”m still working the same full time, permanent job I posted about back in 2013 so that is a BIG plus. In February of 2014 though, I had to say goodbye to my sweet Sassy-girl, whose image you see in the ‘About Me’ heading in my blog menu. She had suffered from a series of seizures very early one morning and I couldn’t bear to see her suffer, so I took her to the vet and asked to have her put to sleep. It was a very hard thing to do and I sobbed so hard but I know it was the right thing. She just couldn’t stay with me anymore. She had Cushing’s disease and I was trying to save the money to pay for a complete blood panel to confirm that. Unfortunately, she succumbed before I could have that done. I must say though, that she lived quite a long, good life for a French bulldog. Their life span is usually 10-11 years and she was just a couple weeks shy of 12. I miss her but grateful for the years I had with her. She was an immediate mood lifter and could always calm me better than any medication a doctor could give. The Boston terrier, Roadie (the family pet but really, my ex’s dog) is still managing well, though I think he was a tad depressed because his little buddy was gone. He will be 12 in April so I’m hoping he stays with us a while longer. I do love that sweet face of his…

snug roadie


I still don’t have a flat of my own but I have faith that 2015 will bring something good, whatever that may be. Meanwhile, I’m over the moon that I can finally type my fist manuscript and get it format-ready for a publisher. I just have a chapter to go and that’s it!! Already have a fiction story started and another one fleshed out, plus an idea for a series.  I haven’t quite figured out the series subject and/or its characters but now that I have a faster way to put them to “paper”, I’ll be ready once the muse hits. Incidentally, a writer acquaintance said there is no such thing as writer’s block but I disagree. Not everyone is confident about what they write. I mean, you can have a feeling that it might be relatable but it is difficult to get in the habit of setting aside the time after an 8 or 9 hour work day, when all you really want to do is prop your feet up and crack open a cold beer. (that would be called lack of discipline and I would be referring to moi) In this new year, I will try to be more diligent about making the time to write. Most of what I have is written in longhand so oddly, I”d like to continue that way and then transfer to a word processor. There’s something inspiring about sitting by the lake, looking at all of nature around me and then pulling out my notebook and pencil and letting the story unfold. That’s one of my very favorite things to do. Pencil and paper does not require a power source or a long battery life the way a laptop does. Just sayin’…

So my friends, I am BACK and I am ready to move forward with life and the writing process. Until next time, here’s to Spring and sunny days. Cheers!

lake lewisville


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  1. Kathie
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 15:58:39

    So…..can I please get the person alone for a few minutes who said there is ‘no such thing as writers block’.


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