Good news!

Hello, my friends! I bear good tidings and good news! I finally found a job!! <cue applause> It’s been a long time coming and though I’m very appreciative of both the temporary/contract positions I’ve held and the unemployment benefits I’ve received, NOTHING compares to getting up every morning, knowing your job isn’t gone in 60 days (or less)

I was very happy at the last title company I was assigned to but unfortunately, the work slowed as the interest rates rose so I had to be let go. Made my resume look suspicious but the real estate market has been rather…wishy-washy lately, at least from an escrow point of view. So I am currently working as HR support (Human Resources, if you’re not familiar with the lingo) and tomorrow begins my first full week. I can’t EVEN tell you how excited I am to be moving into a completely different industry, but one in which I believe my past experience will be an asset.

The only aspect that gave me cause to sigh is the benefits. While unemployed, I purchase dental/vision benefits through Safeguard (a subsidiary of MetLife) because it was relatively inexpensive and I could manage the premiums with the amount of benefits I was receiving (cost is $23.16 per month for me and my 20 yr old son). However, I never found any reasonable medical benefits. Because my current benefits package at work don’t yet include vision, I have to retain my Safeguard plan to get my contact lenses. BUT, if I purchase medical coverage outside the realm of my employer, I get “dinged” for it, under the national healthcare plan from our current federal administration. I am NOT a happy bunny where that’s concerned but what can I do? Perhaps it is cheaper through my employer and my son has found employment too, though he hasn’t started yet. I’ve advised him to enroll so he won’t have to get hit for $95 when he files his tax return. Yes, I said $95. That’s our penalty for not having healthcare coverage. Can’t remember where I read that but I was like, “are you kidding me??”

But enough about all that. I’ve made progress on one of my manuscripts and am determined to have it finished before my best friend’s wedding in November. Then I can begin typing it up and get it submitted. I’m also hoping to have enough saved for a new laptop before December so I can type up the latest work of fiction I’ve been working on. Nothing written out yet but character descriptions and bits & bobs of things I want to include for dialogue but I think it will be good! I also have another fictions work that has to be written but all in due course. Most important is that I have begun to do something besides being down in the mouth all the time.

Well, it’s time for me to get to work on said fiction but I wanted to give everyone a little update since I’ve been absent for so long.

Until next time…

Peace, love & hair grease, y’all!!


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