Friends in cool places

Well, Summer is finally here and folks everywhere are enjoying a day at the pool or the beach,  splashing around, having snacks and getting some sun. Before they know it, the time has come to round up the fam, gather their belongings and head home. They slide out of the car, spent from their day of frolic and sun, unlock the front door and are greeted by a blast of deliciously cold air as they cross the threshold. Ahhhhh! Only that didn’t happen to me. Not with my luck lately.

Sunday was a pretty laid back morning. I got up and made a lo-cal brunch, scarfed it down while still in my jammies and watched a little tube. I wasn’t aware that anything was amiss so when I walked to the back of the house to chill with the dogs, I noticed Roadie (the Boston terrier) spread out in the hall. It’s cooler there and he does that from time to time. Hey, he’s 70 in doggy years so who am I to begrudge him that? So I scratched his belly, massaged his scruff and went to pet HRH Princess Poof-Poof (my French bulldog, Sassy). It seemed a bit warm in the house but still cool enough that it didn’t warrant suspicion.

Around 2pm, my ex’s mother comes to tell me that she noticed the A/C compressor wasn’t running. Well that would explain the warming trend. We only knew of one person who might be able to help us on such short notice: the father of one of my son’s friends. He confirmed  our worst fear: the thing was out of commission. Sweet baby Jesus, is there anything else that could go wrong?? This, we didn’t need. I mean, it’s bad enough that I’m not working but we’re all just barely making ends meet, the house is literally falling apart and now this??  *sigh*

We kept the fan on so it would at least circulate air through the vents but it was a safe bet nobody would be standing over a vent trying to get some warm air up their pant leg. We opened a few windows but there wasn’t much of  a breeze. I was most concerned about the dogs (and yes, my 75 yr old MIL)  because he’s 10 and she’s 11 and I have no way to pay for the vet bill if I had to rush them over. So I got a washcloth, ran it under some cold tap water and wiped them down every so often. I got their faces, gently inside their ears,their little doggy “armpits” and the pads of their feet. What else could I do? I made sure their water dish was filled and kept one out on the front porch, where I sat with them, just to get them of the house, which was getting worse by the minute (or so it seemed).

Since it was too hot to cook inside, I made brats and burgers on the grill and honey, I’m gonna tell ya, I was sweatin’ like a hooker in church! Whew!! I didn’t perspire, no I was SWEATING.  As the day wore on, we managed as best we could. I had a couple Bud Light Lime 7 ouncers to help me out and watched Doc Martin on my phone on the front porch, the pooches keeping me company. I didn’t bother with the telly because it was too hot in my bedroom, even with the ceiling fan on full. Designers can talk all the smack they want about ’em but thank goodness for ceiling fans, I say!

I finally decided to lay down and attempt to sleep around 11pm so I grabbed a                       chaise cushion, a sheet and the bolster pillow from the dog bed and slapped it down in the living room, right in front of the screen door. I wanted to at least have a breeze since it was pretty cool outside. Well, I tossed and turned and sweated some more. I kept drifting off but would wake up again, miserable and drenched. Roadie finally came to wake me up around 4:30am Monday so he could go do his business and my good sense took over. Here’s where I spent the next several hours:


It looks rough but I have to say, it was wonderful!! Reminded me of when I was but a wee lass and my brothers and I spent time on a huge dairy farm of my parents’ friends. I had the sheet all pulled up to my face and the breeze was so cool and strong, I could feel the way it  rippled the sheet against my body and slept so comfortably. Oh yeah, Roadie was there with me the whole time.

When I woke up later, around 10 am, I got dressed, poured myself a Coke and took my lap desk and the cushion to the front porch so I could at least job hunt and make good use of the day. I had everything I could think of out there, including an extension cord so I could charge my phone if need be. Yes, it was still warm but again, there was a breeze so it helped. This was my “workstation”


We stayed there most of the afternoon, until about 3:30 when my son’s friend’s dad came back over. Seems he had a simple fix to get us back on track and if it worked, maybe…just maybe…we’d have A/C again.  It was tedious and he was sweating profusely in the blazing heat but by 5pm, he had the compressor running again. Woot!! How long will it last? I have no clue but I went around closing every dadgum window in record time. It was still too hot to  cook so we had meatball subs from Subway. I totally wrecked my diet but celebrated with a couple bottles of Bud Light Lime (the 12 oz size this time). It takes several hours to cool off 2,000 square feet but when it was nice and comfy, I finally ran myself a bath to wash the funk off from the previous day. Why bother when you know all you’ll do is sweat? Yes, I chose to be a nasty, sweaty mess for an entire 24 hours. But oh, how lovely it was to shampoo my hair and bask in the glory of Yardley of London English Lavender soap. It’s the little things, folks.

Now here’s the remarkable part: he didn’t want to charge us ANYthing. Nope. He just wanted to help a friend who was in need. Do you know how rare that is these days?? People always want something and I get that but he didn’t want anything. Talk about a blessing. Well, my MIL paid him a little something anyway, even though I know she couldn’t afford to. Anyone else would have charged 3 times what she gave him, if not more. But here’s what I realized: we’re blessed in the oddest of ways and can make do if we need to, but blessed, nonetheless. There may be lots of things we wish we had or did or could do, if only we had the money. But when a guy like that comes along and out of the kindness of his heart rescues us (if you’ve been in TX in June, you’ll totally get that) when he didn’t have to…well, that’s truly a blessing in disguise.

So the next time unfortunate circumstances befall you, it’s okay to get bummed out or fuss about it. But then you need to sit back and think of the times when it could have been worse and out of the blue, you got what you needed. Those are blessings, my friends. You just have to notice them and recognize them, and then be thankful. That’s how your blessings will continue.


Until next time…

peace sign heart_clipart_love & hair grease, y’all!!




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