Down by the lake…doin’ nothin’

Well, hello! Yes, it really is me. I believe this is the longest I’ve been on “leave” from my blog and it’s good to be back. Not a great deal has changed since the last post; I’m still looking for permanent work and dealing with life issues, some of which really put a whammy on my glass-is-half-full mentality. Nevertheless, I move forward in spite of (or perhaps because of) it.

Yesterday was a very stormy start to Easter, quite literally. I opted out of going to  church with my friend because I’d been sick the past couple days and didn’t want to ruin the sermon by my coughing, throat clearing and nose blowing, not to mention it would be rude and inconsiderate to the congregation to attend and possibly pass it off to them. So, after having a bit of a lie-in and listening to the rain, I decided to take my bag of manuscripts and a couple books down to the lake so I could write, read and enjoy the beautiful day when the sun finally came out.



So this was my view all afternoon. I actually put on a light jacket due to the lake breeze. Oh it was WONderful!! I was still dealing with the last vestiges of a headache but was furiously writing down details for character background for some fiction I’m working on. It was supposed to be a short story but I feel like it will turn into more. Whatever the case, I’m glad my muse came to visit. Been a while.

After I was spent with the details, I gave my brain a rest, pulled the hood on my head and just laid  back to listen to my environment. Before I knew it, I was having an out-loud conversation with God. I do that a lot lately. I figured as long as I was trying to put my book(s) together, I may as well try to put my life together as well. There was no one close, other than the egrets and I didn’t think they’d mind. As I said, my life was a bit…oh…eventful in recent days. I needed some Divine assistance.

So, I took the Lord with me on a walk along the mental shores of my mind, whilst enjoying the cool breeze, tiny waves  lapping at the muddy lake’s edge, the birds chirping and a couple of dogs happily running around while their owner tried to call them back. I must say, when the dogs came over to my chaise, I wasn’t bothered in the least. They were all wet with lake water from swimming while their owners cast a line in to fish a few yards from me. Made me smile. Then they were gone and I was back to my state of bliss, my conversation with God over but the smile still on my face. I was lying there doing…nothing. And it  felt superb!!*sigh* It’s highly underrated.   <wink>

While I was chillin’ by the lake, doing nothing, it reminded me of an episode of The Waltons, “The Long Night” in which Grandpa Zeb is sick with longing to be with his Esther, who is in hospital. (in real life, Ellen Corby was recuperating from a stroke). He needs his special someone. Meanwhile, Elizabeth wants to have a someone to spend time with as well; her friend Aimee Godsey. But Aimee’s mother, Corabeth, doesn’t approve of little girls being tomboys and getting dirty, which is exactly what Elizabeth is and does. Corabeth tries to teach her daughter how to be a proper young lady by listening to classical music (music appreciation), needlepoint and learning French. Aimee is only allowed to perform “feminine and domestic endeavors”. But she just wants to be a little girl and do the same things Elizabeth does. So one night, she runs away from home…straight to Zeb Walton.

Aimee tells Zeb she’d like him to be her grandpa. She wants to be part of the family that lets a kid be a kid, in essence. So Grandpa takes Aimee back to Ike & Corabeth and explains to her that while she encouraged her refinement as a young lady, she’s neglected her education at just being a child. Aimee admits that she just wants to be like other kids and sometimes, do nothing. I know exactly what she means.

So Zeb reminds Corabeth of what it means to do…nothing:


“Doin’ nothin’, Corabeth. Remember goin’ out on a Summer evenin’, lyin’ on the grass, just lookin’ up at the stars and you wonder…goin’ down, sittin’ along the banks of the creek, listenin’ to the  birds sing, the waters gurgle…or go runnin’ up on top of the highest mountain and look out across the valley and just wish someone you love was alongside of ya to share it? And then it comes across ya…the feelin’  ‘Oh how good it is to be ALIVE!’. That’s doin’ nothin’, Corabeth. In the long run, it is somethin’!” (Indeed Grandpa…indeed)

So if you find that your life seems to have a life of it’s own, take a day to collect yourself, your thoughts…talk to the Almighty and leave it all in His hands. And then, just do…nothin’. Because it really is somethin’.

peace dovePeace, y’all…



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