Until we meet again…

Hey y’all. Sorry I haven’t been around lately. As stated in my last post, it was a rather uneventful beginning to the new year. Not long after that post, the other shoe dropped (what is with those damn shoes anyway??) and I found out my work contract was cancelled. *sigh* Story of my life lately, eh? At any rate, as positive as I try to make this blog, I’m afraid I need to take a break until I have something positive to say. I don’t even feel all that ‘Mary Sunshine’. What I feel is ‘blah’ and depressed and like I want to sleep…alot. I feel as if my little engine that could, didn’t.

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but I have such large gaps in between posts and this time, it isn’t because of my work hours or particular family crisis. No, I just plain feel like crap and until I get over myself, I need to stay away from posting anything that might bring someone else down. I did manage to get my document sent to the copyright office so that’s a plus and I’m still sussing out the details of my business, so I got that goin’ for me. I got the dog’s hernia taken care of (at a cost of almost $900 and paid the day before the above mentioned shoe dropped. Oy!) and he’s doing well and void of the troublesome prostate and also his um…”boys”. Yes, that’s expensive but I love that dog to bits. He and  my little French bulldog, Sassy provide the comfort I need because they don’t require anything-food, water and love. They’ve been there for me so why wouldn’t I be there for them?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know what was happening and why it appears I don’t care about my  blog. I do…a lot. I care about me more though and until I get ME straightened out, I can’t possibly foist my Schlep-rock cloud of woe on you wonderful folks who drop by to read my p0stings.  This too, shall pass but until it does, I need time to sort myself. Thank you so much for all your support. It’s VERY much appreciated.


p.s. you can always email me by clicking the “Email me” icon on the menu to the right.   🙂


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