Jenga house, double wide style

Well, the past couple weeks have been interesting, to say the least. I’m still on assignment (which is good) but also keeping my options open for another venture, which has outstanding pay (also good) but may be a 2nd shift position (umm…boo). That won’t stop me from submitting all the necessary paperwork, etc. because let’s face it: I’ve been living with my ex WAY too long and if this is the door I must walk through to achieve a life of my own, then honey, I’m gonn be sprinting through said door!

No, it isn’t terribly bad to live here but you have to understand the situation from my point of view. I’ve been 50% of the financial stability long enough and it’s time for him to take over and help his mother and for me to ride off into my sunset and begin my life. (not trying to be mean, just stating the facts) Y’all, I’ve had my life planned and/or mapped out for some time now, from the lighthouse home with the Cornish pottery kitchenware and Coastal Living decor, right down to the location where I think it should be built. As we all know, even the best laid plans can go awry. But for now…them’s the plans.

At any rate, about a month ago, my son noticed that our little redneck double-wide was showing signs of parting like the Red Sea…literally. We know it’s due to ground shifting and some other complicated issues that I can’t divulge. Sorry. Suffice it to say that the contractor who came out to give us a bid said there was an 8 in. shift from the center of the home at one end of the house (double wides have ‘A’ & ‘B’ sections, which are joined once you have it “installed” and secured to the property/land) and it would need to be completely redone, just as if it were newly purchased. Oh, and it will cost almost $3200 *sigh* You don’t say? We knew it would be expensive, so it only kept us awake at night on a “what-the-heck-do-we-do-now?” scale. What I’ve been losing sleep over is every creak and groan I hear from said house.

I had fully enjoyed my laid back Labor Day and was all ready to snuggle down for my requisite 8 hrs. of beauty sleep, skin all tan and newly softened by that killer Moroccan argan oil body cream I had slathered on after my bath. But I could NOT shut my brain down. <insert heavy sigh> I kept repeating “Lord, please let me sleep”, like a mantra but still…
I got nothin’. Everything under the sun was running through my mind and at warp speed, I might add. I flopped back and forth, like a fish out of water to try and get comfy but making sure I was on an incline so the acid reflux didn’t compound my sleeplessness. Just when I think I’m off to count sheep, I’d hear something drop on the roof (?) or a sound like the house shifting again and my eyes would pop open. I grabbed my moby phone to check the time and it read 1:17am. I had to be at work in 7 hrs. and can’t sleep for all the errant little noises. Son of a motherless goat!! Where’s the peace when you need it?? I think I slept 3 hrs. before going to work. Egad…

As if that weren’t enough, last week, my mother in law had to don a haz mat suit (read: cheap plastic rain suit from Wally World) and crawl under the house to fix a leaky sewer pipe. Sometimes, it doesn’t hit the fan but it does hit the dirt. She looked adorable with the hood all cinched up around her face but I certainly did not envy her the task she was set to undertake. Needless to say, she got under there, repaired the pipe and tossed out plenty of lime to kill the bacteria and prevent us all from a health hazard we don’t need. And she did this all on a shoestring budget too. Yes, I have had my issues with her. But that woman is just innately talented at car repair, home repairs and lots of things you would never expect a female to do, let alone one who’s 74 yrs. old!

These are a couple of the reasons you haven’t heard from me on a more regular basis but mostly, I have stages of my life where I need to chill and do nothing. I started Chapter 10 of my book some time back but have barely more than a paragraph thus far. When life gets in the way of my grand plans, I need  a bit of a “woosah” to put myself back on track and that may require more than a moment or two. In this case, it took a couple weeks.

Even though this place reminds me of that Jenga game (if you don’t build it carefully, it falls down), I still kinda like it. For some, 2024 square feet is too small but I think it’s just right. It’s also set on an acre of land, with a 78 acre corn field right behind us. (yes, we snitched a few ears this summer for some fried corn). Some folks aren’t that fortunate. Some folks have homes with zero lot lines and are so close to their neighbors, they could hear them break wind. I could never live that close to someone after being here. Besides, I’m not a big fan of HOAs. I don’t like someone telling my how I can or can’t decorate my house or what kind of shingles to put on it. Pass. For now, I’m content to hopscotch through the house to avoid the weak spots in the floor, lest it give way under my feet. I like all the space, inside and out. Yes, it sucks like a bathtub drain to know your house is unstable and you can’t afford to move. But I still think I’m lucky to have what I have, even if it ain’t pretty. Keeps me humble.  ; )


Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!


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