Me…in song

Yes, it really is me. I apologize for the absence but in true semi-slacker fashion, I’ve been doing…nothing. Well, I’ve been working, reading a little, organizing my bedroom. I took my bed off the rails and decided to let it just sit on the floor, mostly  so the dogs could get up on the bed a bit easier. Supposedly, you shouldn’t allow your pets on your bed but I don’t care. It’s kinda nice to literally fall into bed if I need to. I even bought some cute zebra striped sheets to change the feel when I look at my surroundings and sigh because I have to pretend a 16×13 bedroom is actually its own little pad (Apt. 1A, if you’ll recall an earlier post). I figure as long as I have to be here, I may as well make it whatever I want, whenever I want. That’s the beauty of  bedding sets. These days, sheets have funky new designs and you can hit a bargain priced resale shop to find just the right decor. I like the flexibility of decorating as my tastes change. I like to be me. Speaking of which, I’ve decided that this post will be me describing me, only with a bit of a twist. I’m going to do it with song. Videos, to be more exact.

If you’ve been following me for a while (and I hope you have) you pretty much have a good idea what I’m all about and my basic beliefs. But in this day and age, many of us are visual beings and images can help us stitch together a complete picture of just about any subject. A timeline, in some cases but for the most part, a better understanding of what a person and/or company is trying to convey. So there you go. And here we go.

For starters, I grew up in a small town in the Ozarks. The very same small town as author Kathie Truitt. I used to daydream about leaving but when you’re a teenager, you don’t have a clue about anything. These days, I find myself wanting to go back. It was very Mayberry and that’s a good thing…

This is the actual park where I played as a child. Yes, it really is Mayberry…and I love it!

I grew up with some pretty good values, thanks to my parents and that small town. Yes, everyone knows your business and that can be bad. But it can also be good because if somethin’ ain’t right or someone comes pokin’ around and asking about you, rest assured there are plenty of folks who ain’t afraid to ask them why they want to know. And trust me when I tell you, these folks are friendly but will definitely let you know where you stand! Still, it was a pretty cool place to grow up.  I was a real pain in my later years and caused my parents a lot of grief (as teenagers are wont to do). Once I moved away, I was deliriously happy to be living life on my own. Except I still needed a  little help. Daddy wasn’t too keen on the financial support but mama? Well, I nearly drained her savings account and I still feel bad about that. Somehow, I know she forgives me. Daddy did help me get my very first new car though and I will forever be grateful. Guess by that time, he knew that since I had become a parent, I wasn’t afraid of hard work and needed a reliable way to get the family around. I had always hoped to make a good enough living to take care of them both but I never got to that stage and they both passed away before I even got close. Still…

After my first marriage, (some good, some bad) I decided to stop being such a doormat and get a little backbone. I’d say it worked because it’s awfully hard to convince me of anything I’m skeptical about. I suppose I’m like my daddy in that respect but I have absolutely no compunction when it comes to protecting myself. Hey, I’m a Texas woman and we know how to handle up when we have to! See?

Yeah, that’s a bit extreme. But it’s part of who I am. I like hard rock, blues and even some in-your-face metal. I also like tattoos and Levi’s, cutoff shirts, cowgirl boots and my St. Michael medallion & crucifix. I remember heading out to Stockton Lake on the weekends as a teenager and later, as an adult to Lewisville Lake with a cooler full of beer, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips & salsa (and guacamole) and making a day of it. Yes, I can dress up if I need to. But I guess I’m a bit of a redneck at heart. I like being on the water in some form or fashion, though these days, it’s usually swimming in a chlorinated pool. There are times, however, when I want to be out on the lake, beer in hand, breeze in my hair. Like this…

What I’ve figured out through my two marriages, raising my son, the loss of my parents and always having to cut corners is that it’s okay to be myself. I’m comfortable with the way I’ve turned out and I think my parents would be too. No, I didn’t do everything right but who does? Speed bumps in life are a good thing, kids. Teaches you how to be persistent, have a sense of humour and keep rollin’, no matter what. I’m not college educated but I think I can hold a pretty intelligent and lively conversation on a lot of different topics if I need to. College just wasn’t my bag. Would have been a waste of money because I didn’t have a clue what I wanted back then. Same goes for the military. I have lots of family members who served but it just wasn’t for me, though I support the military 100%.  I’d be too inclined to tell the Drill Sargeant exactly where he could stuff those demands he was barking in my face. That don’t work with me, y’all. Never did, never will. Although I try to always “do the right thing”, I stumble and have a little anxiety over my mistakes but it won’t deter me from whatever I’ve set my mind to. I’m gonna do what I feel is best for me, regardless of what anyone thinks and stay positive. The glass is half full…always.  ; )


Until next time…

    & hair grease, y’all!


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  1. Randi Marshall
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 12:08:55

    Missed you Ne, you are still as funny as ever!!!


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