My best day ever

Wow! This has been one of the most fabulous days I’ve had in a very long time. My very first professional article was published today on and I couldn’t be happier than if I’d won the lottery. Of course, that would be nice too but this? This is different. Writing is not just my passion, it’s such a part of me that even if my hands are gnarled from arthritis (which I pray will be many years from now), I’d hang a headset microphone on my melon and dictate through Dragon Speech so’s I could at least empty my cranial “recycle bin” and move on to the next set of thoughts. Yes, it’s that important to me.

So how did this passion for writing start? Well, I think the seed was planted while watching all those episodes of The Waltons, when John-boy sat up in his room with pen to paper, writing every moment he possibly could. Something appealed to me even back then but it didn’t really “get” me until many years later in 2001. I was working at a title company and beginning to be very disillusioned, wondering how the heck to get out of there and find something else. I wanted to work doing something that made me happy. Out of the blue one day, I had my epiphany and decided that writing was what I wanted. I always had something to say (if you had known my parents, this would make perfect sense) but never entertained the thought of directing it toward a career, until that one day. Oddly enough, it was one of my high school classmates who gave me the idea. Her name is Kelly Cain and it was what she wrote in my Memory Book our Senior year that spoke to me. For the life of me, I can’t remember anything else she wrote except that last line: “You definitely have a way with words”. Whoomp! There it is!!

Sadly, it took me many, many years to actually do something about it. I kept stopping and starting but never finishing anything. Every stinkin’ time I’d save to a floppy disk (remember those?), it got corrupted and I’d grit my teeth and wonder ‘what the heezy??’ Looking back now, I believe there obviously was a reason why all those floppy disks were corrupted but of course, we must live and learn. Fast forward from 2001 to 2012. April 30th, to be exact. That was the day I received an invitation to write a piece for Specifically, if I only had 500 words to share, what wisdom would I want to pass on to humanity? What have I learned that matters, and what doesn’t? I had been working on my autobiography off and on and at that time, it was during the “off” so this freelance was a most welcomed invitation. I actually wrote the piece at my temp job (when I wasn’t reviewing documents) and even had one of my co-workers proof it for me. She’s fabulously smart and educated so I made a good choice. Then I submitted my article and waited. While I waited, I continued writing another book I had started and put the auto-bio on hold. I found out they accepted my piece on May 26th so I patiently waited for the date of publication.

On August 9th, I received an email saying the publish date for my article would be today, August 16th. And what a day it has been!! I am SO overwhelmed by the response and I thank God and the visitors to my article for making this one of the best days I’ve had in quite a long time. My mother used to write personalized poetry and always wanted to be a published author but sadly, she didn’t live long enough to see it come to fruition, so I share this day with her. I wish both my parents were still alive to share this with me but I know they’re with me in spirit, as always.

Please forgive me for being such a windbag but sometimes, y’all need a little back story to tie things together, y’know? This is HUGE for me and I’m still in awe at my good fortune. Reading the comments made me cry tears of joy. I’m so pleased my little article was so well received. More than that…I’m on Cloud 9 at the response. I’m humbled, grateful, thankful…just so overjoyed. I called my friend Kathie and boo-hoo’d in her ear, I had so much emotion. She thinks this is only the beginning for me and I certainly hope she’s right. Although the caveat ‘Be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind, I believe I can handle whatever comes my way.

So I thank you, my readers, for all your support. It means the world to me. Who’da thunk it, all those years ago when I watched John Walton Jr. through that window,  sitting at his desk and recording his memories, that it would bring me here? Pretty cool, methinks. Pretty cool indeed.

G’night John-boy! And thanks… ; )


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