And awaaaay we go!!

Today’s the day kids…my weekend trip to beautiful Lake Cypress Springs, TX!! Been waiting nearly a month for this and I. Can’t. WAIT! My cheetah print pilot case is packed as is my lakefront attitude. The only thing left to do is grab a 12-pak of beer & get my butt to the launching pad (my friend’s house). My ex-husband was kind enough to agree to drop me off so I’m appreciative of that fact. Nonetheless I am SO looking forward to some peace and quiet.

I’ve decided that as excited as I am to share with my Random Readers, this particular event shall remain locked in my head, at least until I write it into a chapter of my autobiography. I thought since this is a bit of a milestone for me ( I never go anywhere), that it would fit quite nicely in there. As I said in an earlier post, I’m taking my writing tools with me so I can document these glorious, well-deserved days away from home (such as it is).

I’m not sure how many fish I’ll catch, if any but one thing is for sure: there’s nothin’ quite like sittin’ in a lawn chair at the shore, casting out into the lake and waiting for the bobber to show some action. I do my best thinking when I’m soaking in the tub and likewise, I’m certain I’ll commune with nature and all that hoo-hah while I’m sitting at the edge of a large body of water, letting it take my cares away like Calgon.

Well, it’s time for me to slap together a boney & cheese sammich (that’s bologna to you non-rednecks) and make one last pass around the room to make sure I got everything I needs. I’ll leave you with a lovely photo  of what I’ll be doing while I’m away. (it was taken at Lake Cypress Springs) Y’all take care and try to find some A/C if you can. I know it’s hot out there and many of you are wilting under the temps, especially in the Midwest and East Coast. God Bless you!


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