Cool finds on a tightwad budget

Greetings readers! I’m uber happy to be posting tonight because it’s a time when I would normally be getting off work. I’m hoping to transition to a daytime job, as you know but nothing is firm yet. Still have a good feeling but we’ll see.

At any rate, for this post, I wanted to share some of the cool things I found for not much money (since I’m like, y’know…broke most of the time) and maybe give you another perspective on how to shop in our dodgy economy. First of all, I intended to come home after an early release from work (8pm) and have a bit of wine but changed my mind. I’m saving it for tomorrow night when I watch “Anonymous” on the Starz movie channel. (it was either that or “Crazy, Stupid Love” with Steve Carell but I love Vanessa Redgrave and opted for the former)

So I was meandering  through Walmart the other day, stocking up on my Co-Cola and found these cute little bottles of wine in a display in one of the aisles:

It’s 187ml or about 6 oz. of Cabernet Sauvignon. The only other choice was a Chardonnay but I like the red, mostly. A White Zinfandel is good too, once in a while. Be that as it may, I snagged one for the paltry sum of $1.25 (80p for UK readers). You can buy these in a 4-pak as well but I’m a beer drinker so I rarely purchase wine. Couldn’t resist the price though and it makes me feel a tad more cultured, albeit internally. I’m redneck, what can I say? LOL

Moving on to my other goodies…I found a cute little summer dress for my interview with the agency who submitted my CV for the  position I’m seeking. If you recall, the Buick (which I non-affectionately called the Pew-ick or the science experiment) has no A/C so I wanted something made of cotton to breathe but help keep me cool for the ride to the new agency I signed up with. It’s a 45 minute drive and June in Texas is only just beginning the uncomfortable heat stage. But check out said cute little dress:

I found this at a local Ross store for $10.99!!! Those little sandals you see cost around $8 at Walmart. I actually wore a pair of summer wedges with the dress so I looked a little more dressy yet comfy and my feet could breathe. I hate wearing socks and closed toe shoes in summer. Makes me miserable. Speaking of wedges, I also want to share with you a couple pairs of shoes I bought a while back at Plato’s Closet in Frisco, TX.

 Michael Kors “Newton” wedges I got for a cool $16!!

                And these high-heeled clogs, also Michael Kors, were $16

I may be a Double Wide Diva redneck, but I still like to find great shoes and clothes for as little money as possible. I have no earthly idea what either of those Michael Kors shoes cost new but I saw the wedges on for $97.95 and the clogs were $84 on’s what I love about Polished for Pennies because girlfriend KNOWS how to sniff out a bargain! And she’s right too: if it pops, then go for it. I always like to find things with color. The dress I bought at Ross has lots of color in the print so you can pair it with a cap sleeve, solid color t-shirt if you’re wearing it to the office (which I did). I actually wore a cute lime sherbet color Denim & Co. shirt underneath it but opted for the cap sleeve the next time I wore it. Just looked better. Found a cute summer handbag for a whole 25 cents at a yard sale too. It’s the perfect neutral color and the weave looks like linen, which is always a summer must have. Killer!!

Now that I’ve showed you my bargains, I will share one thing I won’t skimp on: skin care. I’ve tried several kinds, including Olay Regenerist, which is pretty good and easily purchased because you can find it in Target, Walmart and many drug stores in your area. Me? I use Jane Seymour Natural Advantage and have for a few years now. I had to stop when I was unemployed and bills came first but just this year, started my regimen again.

The 4-pc set I use is Gel cleanser, Pore Refining Toner, All Day Moisture SPF 15 (AM) and Nighttime Renewal with Retinol (PM) and costs $129.30, which is broken down into 3 payments so it’s more affordable. The other two items you see were free gifts but I use them sparingly.  I actually use the Eye Rescue cream around my mouth to help stave off those horrible  wrinkly lines we women seem to acquire as we age. So far, so good because most folks think I’m closer to my late 30s than the downhill side of my 40s (I’m 47, to be exact).  I still go out in the sun but I try to plan it out so I don’t get too much exposure, unless I’m mowing. Then it’s unavoidable. I quit smoking 7 years ago and it’s made a difference as well.

Well kids, that’s all I have for now. Probably a little odd for you when I post about fashion and such but I’m still a bit girly and hey, I am the Random lady. I hope you can go out and find bargains of your own but one thing I have to impart on you ladies: do something for yourself once in a while, okay? I still think of my son every time I’m in a store and sometimes, I’ll see something even my ex-husband would like. *smh* It’s a hard habit to break but even if you only buy skin care products or a nice trio of products from Bath & Body Works, indulge yourself because you deserve it. We all need to feel like ladies, not workhorses, house maids and taxi drivers. Besides, if mom ain’t happy, no one’s happy, n’est-ce pas?

Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!

p.s. If you happen to have a Dollar Tree in your area, some of them have a whole shelf full of books, both hard cover and paperback (some trade paper size) so you can find all sorts of reading material for a buck!! I bought three on my way to work Friday. Feed your mind…


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  1. Leonard Marks
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 15:26:59

    great post


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