Just in the nick of time!

Okay, so Saturday night was a bit of a nail biter. The whole fam was home and though we were all in our respective rooms, there was still a little…friction. Nothing major but y’know, the usual family squabbles. Let’s just say a grandmother shouldn’t say something like that to her grandson. After that incident, I’ve lost all respect for her, it will be hard to forgive her (if I ever do) and I also lost respect for my ex-husband for not defending his son and allowing his mother to behave that way. (she’s 74…she knows better) Regardless of my son’s culpability (no, he did not do what he was accused of, though he set a pattern years ago), his father should have grown a pair and took her to task on the name calling. My son told me later he’s never had anyone make him feel like s**t the way she does. Do what you will to me but my son? The gloves are off and I’m through being nice. With some faith, this new job will come through, I can catch up on my debt and move on with my life. I should add I won’t look back either. Now…on to the more positive part of my Saturday.

As I was cooking some burgers and thinking how much I’d like to just get up and get away, my moby phone rang and it was my BFF, Kat. Haven’t talked to her in a while because we have such different schedules but it was good to hear her voice. Anyway, she asked if I had plans for 4th of July weekend. I said no, hadn’t made any. So then she says “How’d you like to spend that weekend with me, Laura and Leo at Laura’s parents’  lake house?”  WOULD I??  Heck yeah!!! Folks, if that ain’t Divine Intervention, I don’t know what is!!

When I told my son, he was a bit less enthusiastic because I get to go away and he doesn’t.  I reminded him that he was able to move out not once, but twice and not only that, his friends take him places all the time. I don’t have that luxury and mostly, I pay bills and look at these four ugly walls. (they really are ugly because the double wide is circa 1987 with some horrific Knots Landing-esque wallboard. Eew!) He understands. I told him I really need this little trip. It’s two hours from here and that alone is worth the offer.

Not sure what’s in store when I get there but rest assured, I’m taking my composition notebook to write in, several pens and my digi-cam so I can document this event. Probably take some beer too. (I must be getting old if I’m this excited about a trip to a lake house) After all, I am a Pisces and therefore, I love being around water. I even want to live kind of close to where I am now but far enough away to feel on my own, when the time arises. At any rate, I’ll have a little inner peace and commune with nature while I’m resting on my laurels, as it were.

So that’s all I got for now, kids. Not sure if I want to blog about my trip but odds are, I will. So here’s a shot I took of the lake near my house and it pretty much represents what I intend to do with my time away. Enjoy…I know I will!


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