Soakin’ up the sun

What a day I had yesterday! I honestly meant to blog about it when I got home but I was just a bit too knackered…here I am  now though!!  lol

My friend Tami (from the jazz festival, remember?) invited me to go float on the lake with her but after a bit of discussion, we decided it was a scoche dirty, especially when you don’t have the luxury of a party barge or Sea Doo to zip around and  check out things on the water. Instead, she asked if I’d like to come over to her complex and hang out by the pool. Well…duh!!! Heck yeah I wanna hang out by the pool! So I suited up, packed up my little bag and made my way over to her place. To me, it’s not officially Summer until June and my son has had his birthday, which he did. June 1st to be exact.

After I got to Tami’s, (she met me downstairs because I was a tad confused as to where her flat was located) we went upstairs and chatted for a bit, then went to the grocery store for some snacks. Y’know, just simple little things to snag whilst soaking up the rays. We got flatbread crackers (olive oil & sea salt), garden veggie cream cheese, grapes, strawberries and then of course, a few brewskis, all packed in her nifty little insulated picnic basket. I tried to find a pic of the exact one she used but couldn’t. However, I did find one at Bed, Bath & Beyond (one my FAVE stores!) for $29,99 that’s just as good and comes in several colors. Behold:

After our little ditty bag was packed, we headed on down to the pool, she with her copy of the latest “O” magazine, I with my library borrowed “Ali in Wonderland” by Ali Wentworth. Dunno why we brought reading material because almost as soon as we got there, we sprayed on the tanning gunk (I use Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil), sat the little chairs in the water, cracked open a beer and proceeded to have a lovely conversation, soak up the UV rays and people watch, occasionally. Check it out:

 Here we are!

We decided to wade across the pool to the ledges near the island. If you look, you can see other folks sitting there, prior to our arrival. It’s only 6 in. of water but the complex has little lawn type chairs specifically made for sunning in the shallow water. Let me show you…

If you look at the dark tiles on the edge, that’s where it drops off to about 3 ft. of water. Still shallow but more for splashing around. We wanted to get a good bit of suntan but stay cool at the same time. And so we did! Behind us, we heard a bunch of people playing volleyball so naturally, I had to get a shot of that too.

We didn’t get down to the pool til almost 1:30pm but nonetheless, had a good time. I only had one emergency and that was to go pick up my son, who was stranded by one of his friends and had no way to get home, no money and nothing to quench his thirst in the 90 degree weather. Luckily, he wasn’t too far away so I scooped him up, came by the house so he could grab his swim shorts and headed back over to the pool. We hung out there til about 7:30, at which time he left with yet another friend to go to her barn and ride horses.  Good thing he had dry boots I guess because when he jumped in the pool, he hadn’t changed into his swim shorts…he had on his Wrangler jeans and Realtree shirt, ala open on the sides in true redneck fashion. LOL  (love that boy)

I decided it was time for me to hit the dusty trail and go home for a bit of a gnosh, a bath and a little telly. You can tell Summer is juuuuuust around the corner when the sun has begun to set and it’s almost 8 o’clock in the evening. When I pulled up in the drive, I had a smile on my face and contentment in my heart because I got to spend time with a lovely lady I get to call my friend, work on my tan and just enjoy the gift of being alive to appreciate it all. So, as the sun was setting, I couldn’t help but grab a pic from the backyard, because the color of that ball of fire, the cornfield behind the house and the purple-blue sky was too good to pass up…doncha think?

I had a fabulous day and we collectively decided to do it again next Sunday, only this time, we’re grilling out and have a righteous picnic too. I can’t WAIT!! So, in the spirit of Summer, here’s a couple of videos to inspire you to go out, and enjoy life. I’ve always liked this particular Sheryl Crow song and as for the Beach Boys, well, I remember hearing my eldest brother play their records (yes, I’m that old…I said records ) and I have fond memories of those times. Besides, it ain’t Summer without the Beach Boys…it just ain’t. Surf’s up kids!!!


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