When you wish upon a Super moon

So…how many of you stepped outside last night and took a gander at the ginormous moon? I did. Was a nice orangey color at first and then it just got hazy, like when you’re grilling and the fat hits the flame and the smoke comes billowing out the lid vents? Yeah, that kind of hazy. I even tried to get a couple shots with both my phone and my point and shoot camera but they were horrible. Just looked like a couple dots. So I nicked a shot from the local TV station, which is what you see above. (by C. Graham, from the top of the parking garage of Medical Center of Plano)

Anyway, I decided to wish upon a moon  just for S&G’s. That’s s**ts & giggles for you non-Southerners. (you’ll have to forgive me my pseudo-potty mouth colloquialisms) May not be a star but it IS a celestial body so in my mind, it qualified as wish-worthy. Seems like I do a lot of wishin’ and hopin’ lately and that’s okay. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?  I’ll take every opportunity to wish, dream, pray and speak everything into existence that I’ve visualized over the years. To be fair, some of these require effort on my part and that’s totally cool. I expect that. For some of it though, gotta do the hippy-dippy thing…y’know, just to help it along. (it’s a pattern with me lately, what can I say?)

Oh, it was so balmy last night and I kept walking out on the back porch to look at the moonlight. Well, that and my Boston terrier has a bladder the size of a walnut in his old age. But still…I love nights like that. <wistful look> So, I made my wishes and then just got all dreamy looking at that hazy moon and wished I could go anywhere and everywhere to admire nature and everything in it. One of these days, I’d love to go somewhere that isn’t so populated, where I can see the stars, feel small in the universe and be inspired to write some hippy-dippy stuff. (kidding…no hippy-dippy, just inspiration) Check out this shot of Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah:

Isn’t it just AWESOME?? Any time I feel impatient or ‘blah’, I like to go look at the night sky, stare at the moon and stars, wondering what kind of dreams the rest of the world has. Shoot, I like looking at stormy weather too but I sure don’t want to wish on a tornado. Lord knows what kind of nonsense that would bring but you get my point. Sometimes, you need to get out and look at the nature around you, like the way tall grass blows in the wind or the way birds fight for food scraps in the Wendy’s drive thru. lol Have you ever watched the way a cat paws at a june bug buzzin’ around a porch light? Or how a cow swats flies with its tail? Did you know that whatever direction a horse’s ear points is the direction they’re looking? I guess I’m like my mama because she noticed things like that too. She always knew what to say when I asked a question and if she didn’t, she sure faked it well. Mostly, she recognized the little things in life that many of us overlook and got a kick out of Creation. We get so busy with our lives that we don’t even notice the funny things our own pets do sometimes. Believe me, I’ve laughed til I cried at both my little fur babies, the little monkey heads!

Now that Spring has sprung and Summer is upon us, take a minute or ten to look around at the flora and fauna, even if you live in the city. It’s there…you just have to look. If you live in a subdivision, go look at the ducks and watch how they interact with each other. Keep your eyes peeled for that little bunny rabbit that keeps eating your little garden out back and then watch him just…be. I think this helps keep your life in perspective because it’s a delicate balance for all of us animals; large, small and human. Besides, it don’t hurt to give a nod to the Man upstairs and let him know you like what you see.  ; )

Well, it’s time for me to go y’all but before I do, I’ll leave you with the wish-upon-a-star dude himself, Jiminy Cricket, since we’re talking about wishes and things. This is the new version from one of my favorite TV shows, Once Upon a Time.  Here’s wishin’ and hopin’ you don’t just get what you want, but what you need.


Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!


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