Denton Arts & Jazz Festival

Well, it might be late for some but as promised, here are the pics from the jazz fest Saturday at Quakertown Park in Denton, TX. I had such fun, though it was hot, crowded and the food was overpriced. I went with my friend Tami and in pure style too: a vintage Jaguar! She had some cute sandals on but decided to wear her cowgirl boots instead, since we were going to be doing a lot of walking. I saw LOTS of cowgirl boots with shorts, but the cutest was a mommy-to-be with a comfy black blouse, pair of denim shorts and good ol’ dark brown boots. I missed my chance to get a shot of her because I had my ale in one hand and corn dog in the other and I don’t juggle AT all. Kathie Truitt woulda been proud of all the girlys in their boots!

If you look to the left of the photo, you can see where it says Jumbo Corn Dog. It was huge alright. About a foot long of crispy, hand-dipped corn-doggy goodness…on a steek! (Sorry. That was reference to a Jeff Dunham character. Couldn’t resist) I didn’t slather it with mustard, just a little on top but I did enjoy it with a cup of Shock Top Belgian White wheat ale.  The corn dog was $6 and the beer $4 so that was kind of expensive but it sure was good.

As we wandered through all the booths, we looked at the jewellry, hats, killer boho dresses ( I seriously wanted one but couldn’t spend the extra $40) and just everything you can imagine from tie-dye clothing, leather goods, recycled art, pottery and some really cool hats made from recycled paper. Those hats were sturdier than you think and well worth the $50 price tag. We never got a chance to go into the Civic Center to see the handblown glass and various fine arts but it’s probably just as well. I’ve loved handblown glass ever since I first saw the work of Dale Chihuly. Amazing. But we moved on and as we meandered through that mess of people and vendors, we saw this guy:

I have no idea what his name is but I do love bagpipes so we stopped for a minute to listen. When he finished his more traditional tune, he played Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”. *smh* Gotta admire his chutzpah but glad the wind wasn’t gusty. lol  If the picture looks hazy, that’s just smoke from all the barbeque vendors. This is Texas, y’all and you can’t have a festival without barbeque. That goes against the grain and it’s just not done. We didn’t have any but it sure smelled good!

We walked a little further, making our way to the main stage and past the playground and children’s area. They had art, wood and percussion for the youngsters and some sort of centrifuge looking thing a few brave souls took advantage of, as well as a rock climbing wall.  I was wearing a long black maxi dress so no climbing for me, thanks.

See what I mean? Ain’t no WAY I was taking part in that madness! After that, we legged it on over to the main stage entrance, stopping by the souvenir/information tent for a map of the grounds and then stopped a couple tents down so Tami could grab a Ziegenbock (an Anheuser-Busch imitation of the Texas Shiner bock, a dark lager) and me a soda. It cost me  $2 for a Coke and a smile, but it sure did taste good. Tom Braxton was on the stage when we walked through the entrance…

…then Tami had a nail emergency so we stopped and kneeled on the grass (burnt grass, I should say) so she could fix it and listen for just a minute. Ain’t she pretty? Just a lovely, lovely person and a people magnet as well. I felt a little plain in comparison but I went for comfort, as usual. Tami ALWAYS looks put together and quite fabulously so.

Since her ex and my ex are both musicians, we wanted to find a spot as close to the stage as possible. If you’ve ever been a “band widow”, you can appreciate all the work that goes into setting up the equipment, lining out all the cords and electrical things. We also wanted to see the bands up close, or as close as we could get anyway. So we moved further upward through the crowd and found a spot right next to the chain link fence in front of the stage. Most of the grass here in Texas was burnt and the festival foundation laid down wood chips all over the grounds in front of the stage. Which was okay, unless you happened to catch a chip pointing the wrong direction as you sat down. Ouch! (yes, I did).

We were only a tad uncomfortable so…well, I was. She had jeans to protect her hiney, while all I had was a poly cotton blend. Not the same. As I said, Tami is very personable so she turned around and started talking to these two college age dudes who were comfortably perched on their Lovesac chair, enjoying the cool breeze, view of the stage and a cold beer.

(a Lovesac is basically an upscale beanbag only much better. They really are wicked comfy) She leaned back on the little ottoman they brought but after the ‘dirty’ dude on the right left, his buddy let me catch the edge of the über bean bag since my knees were killing me. I’d already eaten the $3 hot dog I walked back to the food tent for and decided to take a pic of me to post on my blog. So for the first time ever, dear readers, here’s my face…

I’ve always been afraid to show it because I didn’t want to risk someone telling my ex about my blog and having to deal with any blowback because of my earlier posts. If you’ve been following my posts for any length of time, then you know some of them haven’t always been kind where he’s concerned. However, I’ve been honest with my rantings. I don’t want to hurt him and it’s obvious I’ve moved past all that mess but still…I have to live in the same house until I get my ducks in a row. Y’all understand, right? Cool.

The next band that played was called Phyrework and man were they good! They’re from Dallas and played together from 1976 until 1987 when they disbanded. They reunited for special performances, one of which was at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.  One of the last songs they did was a very smooth little number and though I didn’t recognize it, I’ll tell you this: their lead singer, Clarence Pitts (in the red shirt), held a note so long it put Celine Dion to shame. Just amazing! Here they are:

It finally got dark and Los Lonely Boys hit the stage in all their glory. From left to right: Henry (guitar, vocals), Jojo (bass, vocals) and Ringo (drums, vocals).

I was lucky enough to get fairly close, although I had to zoom a tad bit for this shot. Notice the saying on the back of the videographer’s shirt. Classic and very true. There was a big video screen to the left of the stage so folks way in the back near the entrance could see as well. Here’s a shot of what I actually had to look through. That fence was over 6 ft. high so on this shot, I held my camera over the fence and looked at the tiny screen the best I could to get it.  Worked out pretty well!

Some shots of the crowd too

This particular shot I took with my cell phone. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

What really got me though, was a little girl named Kallie. She couldn’t have been older than about 2, maybe 3 tops. Yet she was singing right along to the song “16 Monkeys”. Here she is on her mama’s shoulder. What a cutie!!

When the show was finally over, we were tired and ready to go. The mass exodus began and it was one of those baby step, baby step, shuffle along, etc. I nearly tripped over a little girl walking hand in hand with her mother because there was this bazillion candlepower light blinding me, so I apologized to the girl and her mother but walked the rest of the way out using my hand as a visor until we got back to the fairway, as it were.

When we finally got back to the car, Tami and I decided we needed a little brekky so we got in the car and headed to an IHOP on the way back to my house. She had eggs, bacon & coffee, I had hash browns with mushrooms and melted cheese and a peach iced tea. We shared an order of Swedish crepes with lingonberries and whipped cream. Yummy!!  After our tummies were full, we got in the Jag and took me home

And my friends, since all good things must come to an end, I’ll take my leave, bid you adieu, and thank you for allowing me to publicly document the first night out I’ve had since I don’t know when. I just had such a great time and am so grateful that Tami was kind enough to offer to take me so we could both enjoy a night out. Finally, I’ll have someone to attend the ballet with this Fall/Winter. Can’t wait! Hope the Dallas Ballet will let patrons take photos. I’m gonna get me some culture y’all! How ’bout them apples??

Anyhoo, as they say, been there…done that…got the t-shirt. No really….here it is:

 G’night y’all…see ya next time.


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