My hopes, my dreams, my checklist

Well, it’s been kind of a long day. Had a bit of a lie-in Sat. morning because at 3:45am, I had a burst of creativity and had to grab my Family Guy composition book, pen and $1.97 book light to write down what was in my head, lest I pass on the opportunity and possibly lose something good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go with the feeling and instead,  laid my head on the pillow and went back to sleep. Not this time though. Got too many things I want to do and manuscripts do NOT write themselves.

At any rate, I figure the best way for me to achieve my hopes and dreams is to put them out into the cosmos (so hippie of me) and wait until they come to fruition. Oddly enough, before I switched off my lamp last night, I was thinking: What if I was actually successful at this? What if all I ever wanted, I actually got? Scary. Somehow, I think that’s part of the mondo writer’s block I had for so many years. Stupid, ain’t it? And yet we all have something that holds us back and makes us a teensy weensy bit hesitant to even dip our toe in the water of uncertainty, let alone dog paddle. Like the song says “Turn and face the strange…ch-ch-changes”. And that’s what I’ve decided to do.

So what follows are pictures and descriptions of what I hope to achieve while I’m still young enough and bold enough to believe I can grab the brass ring, as it were. To start us off, I thought I would list out my Game Plan so you can see how it’s moving along. Quite nicely, I think. I kept this in my BlackBerry so that when I had reached one of the goals, I could enter a simple “DONE”,  then smile at the completed tasks when the entire list would read “DONE”. Here it is:

1) Get a job-  DONE  (even if it’s temporary…for now)

2) Get a P.O. box-  (May remove this one. Was for when I wanted to start my own publishing company)

3) File divorce papers- DONE (divorce was final on 4/17 and I’m officially a Ms. now)

4) Reduce media services- DONE (I dropped the land line in Dec. 2011 to save myself money)

5) Get separate wireless account- DONE (loving it!!)

6) Clean up my credit-  In progress   : )

7) Save $$ for a flat of my own (not so easy right now…but I have faith)

8) Finish manuscripts (working on that…one at a time)

9)  Fix teeth & lose weight (working on that too; exercising regularly and going to the dentist next month)

Please believe it’s difficult for me to even admit that last one but hey, if I’m nothing else, I’m honest. lol Now, we’ll move on to the big stuff. Some time ago, I posted pics of an apartment I had daydreamed about so this time, I’ll post the furnishings I’ve got my heart set on. Though I do love the texture and patterns of India, I decided to save that decor for one room that I would use just to chill, so I don’t want to post my ideas for that. Gonna be special and I want it to stay that way, y’know? So anyway, here’s what I picked:

LOVE this leather sofa! This style is called ‘Preswick’ from our local Stacy Furniture location. Price doesn’t matter because these are hopes and dreams, remember? I’m a bit of an Anglophile but not in the sense that I’m fanatic. My third great-grandfather was born in England in 1812 and though I’m watered down, I have English roots and prefer an English type decor. Well, quasi-English. Fabulous!  Nice cocktail table…

  ‘Yardsley’ -Rooms to Go

and because I think it’s a great piece, this lovely Victorian style gossip bench from Design Toscano

 I don’t remember where I first saw their catalogue but I fell in love with everything they had to offer. If you check out their website ( you’ll be pleasantly surprised too! Just look at these uber cool pieces:


 Yes, there IS a pattern here…books! I don’t care how repetitive it gets either, I love these and someday, I’ll put them all in my home. Not apartment…home. Besides, I have to have a bit of space to put all these things. Here’s more decor:


I just love this little Davenport desk and revolving table. Had to throw in a wall tapestry as well.


But the pièce de résistance is the dining table. Overkill? Yeah, prob’ly so. But I don’t really care. This is what would make me smile every time I look around my home and be happy I was able to add the pieces I want, not just what I could afford at that moment. And sorry Ikea fans, they have some cool stuff too…just isn’t my style.

At the end of my day, I would lay my tired bones on my fluffy bed, wrapped in one of these lovely Jane Seymour bedding designs, sipping my tea and munching on scones. Oh, the possibilities are endless my friends. *sigh*


And since we’re dreaming big, the home I choose to put these furnishings in would be a Cape Cod style lighthouse home. You heard that right…lighthouse home. You see, over the years, lighthouses seem to find their way into my life. The church I attended as a child was Lighthouse Baptist, the concession stand at Hidden Cove Marina near my house is Lighthouse Grill, and the city bordering my home just constructed a lighthouse replica on one of the medians as part of their “beautification” project. The epitaph on my mother’s headstone reads “You can’t be a beacon if you’re light don’t shine”.  I can’t compete with a Higher power and it would seem He keeps tossing lighthouses in my path for a reason. So here’s the home I’m dreaming of:

I can imagine this home and all those furnishings on a nice acre or two near a lake, complete with a dock/boathouse, gulf muhly grass swaying in the breeze and perhaps a small greenhouse to grow my own veggies and such. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a small English garden to brighten up the landscaping and a few flower boxes to perk up the window sills of the little East Coast lovely. Yes, I have very big dreams and if I were to receive all these things, I would consider myself blessed indeed.

But dreams are what keep us alive and reaching for more than we thought possible. I don’t know about you but it’s kinda fun to have a wish book in one’s life. Makes it  interesting, doncha think?

Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!

Update: by the time I finished this post, I was way beyond tired and forgot to add the Jane Seymour bedding. It’s here now though so please have mercy on my postmenopausal soul.   


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  1. Melissa Brodnax
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 09:38:20

    Enjoyed your blog! Follow that dream! Very nice


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