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Good morning/evening/afternoon peoples! Thought I’d give you a holla before I shut ‘er down for the night. Well, my night anyway. Figured I would let you know what’s going on/how I’m doing while my glycolic peel is drying and the TV is giving me instruction on how to kill a zombie, should we ever have a ‘pocky-clypse’. *SMH* It’s simply amazing how a legit network like H2 can take a program referring to terrorists, scientists playing god, doomsday preppers and segue that into how one might kill a zombie, should the occasion ever arise. Gladly moving on…

Once again, I’ve had a period of self-doubt and honestly felt like chucking the whole idea of compiling a book. I mean seriously, who am I but a nobody on the internet, putting my personal business out there for the whole world to read? Truth is, there are bunches of “nobodies” like me who use the internet as an outlet and that’s a good thing. Writing an actual book is a whole ‘nother ball game and this stupid autobiography has been the bane of my existence lately. Just SO much information to sort through and most of the time, my memories come flooding back faster than I can type. I have a  digital recorder (like the ones they use on all those ghost hunting shows)  so my thinking is that I should look at my index cards, rattle off into the recorder and then transcribe later. It’s a heck of a lot easier than chasing my tail like I’ve been doing. I should mention that once again, the lovely Kathie Truitt has provided me with the needed boost to keep me going. I owe her so much…might have to cook her a very unhealthy Southern type dinner some day.  ; )

On a positive note, the late night exercising is paying off.  A couple months ago, I decided since my legs were starting to trim down a bit, I should probably work on the rest of the ol’ bod too. I mean, I like muffin tops…just not on me.  Well, long story short, I wasn’t consistent with the workout. My life has been pretty up and down lately, as has my mood and willingness to exercise after midnight. It also affects my discipline at writing too (see above paragraph) but more importantly, who the heck feels like taxing their brain for an hour after you’ve spent the past 8 hours taxing it already? And at 12:30am?? Fugeddaboudit! But then I thought…what if I try to do it at least 3 times a week, y’know, to see if I can make any headway? So that’s what I did. A couple weeks ago, a friend told me I looked like I lost weight. I brushed it off because I didn’t see it. Just a few days ago, one of my co-workers told me she thought my waist was getting smaller and asked if I was working out. Well slap the dog and spit in the fire!! I’m beyond happy, I’m tickled pink!

I’ve already alluded to my quasi-success in my March 4th post but now that I’ve disciplined myself to drop my stuff and start my routine when I get off work, I feel better and it spurs me on to do more. I also told you in my post of Jan. 11th about the three books I had been working on. I think I need to focus on just one, which will be the one regarding my weight loss. See, the way I figure it, once I firm up and start feeling healthier, the attitude will follow, as will the creativity and then I won’t have to feel like such a dinkus for allowing the mental speedbumps to hold me up in my quest. If I can finish that book and get it published, theeen I believe I’ll be able to finish the auto-bio with a bit less stress. We shall see.

In the meantime, if you would all just say a tiny little prayer (if you’re the praying type) and ask for a little grace and guidance to keep me on my path, I would be most grateful. Oh! In case I haven’t said it lately, thank you for “visiting” me and reading all the odd bits I blather on about. It helps me more than you know.

Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!


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