Aw, man…gimme a break, huh?

So I got off work, dropped my stuff in the floor of my bedroom, put on my pj’s and opened the letter I (well, my husband and I) received from the IRS. I typically wouldn’t be too upset, knowing he had a previous debt and that we would only receive half of whatever the refund was. Problem is, I miscalculated (according to them) and it seems that I OWE them money. To be more precise, I/we owe$826, thankyouverymuch. *sigh* Wow…so not only did VanDamn go kaput, I owe money I don’t have. I’m not even sure where I’m gonna get that much money. Guess I’ll have to pull it out of my butt or something because I also found out that those of use who were hired on over 4 mos. ago won’t be going to perm status. Aaaarrrgggh!!

Man! Can I get,  like,  just a tiny break here?? Just a small one?? I mean seriously…what in SAM HILL have I done (or not done) lately? Now I know I shouldn’t be fussy because it’s really not that bad. Uh, yes it is. I swear, I really saw the light at the end of that stupid tunnel and then BAM!!  I like to think of myself as a strong Southern woman, albeit not as proper as tradition would dictate, but I’m really quite tired of life’s little beatdown lately. Trust me when I tell you, I was mentally using every profane word I knew when I read that letter from the IRS and then reflected on all the little things that have transpired within the past month. Know what I’m gonna do? Absolutely nothing. I mean yeah, I’ll make a payment arrangement with the government. (Sidebar: funny how when the IRS owes you money, they take forever but when YOU owe THEM money, they want it yesterday)

Actually, what I’m gonna do is get out of the house for a change of pace. One of my friends from work invited me to go have a beer next Saturday night and since I have to share the Pew-ick with my ex, she said she’d come pick me up. Score!!! We’re going pub crawling in town and I can’t wait. Well, not crawling but we’re going to the Irish Rover pub near her flat in town and then make our way to the Down Under Aussie pub just around the corner from there. Don’t worry, I won’t go overboard. I’m getting too old for that and I really just enjoy having a good brewski, finger food and good conversation. One of her girly-friends is getting a divorce and kinda needs a night out too so we’re all gonna let off some steam and enjoy our Girls Night Out. Haven’t done one of those in for-e-VUR but I’m due, methinks.

Anyway, had to get that off my chest before I explode.  I feel much better now so I’ll take my leave, snuggle down under my big ol’ comforter and read my e-book. Love this new Android phone! lol   Just send some good vibes my way, eh? I could use em.

Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!


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