The week in review: meh…

Howdy friends! Please forgive my absence but my mind has been elsewhere lately. Had all sorts of errands to run on Tues (28th) since it was a payday, however, VanDamn was makin’ an awfully funny noise the night before when I came home from work. I asked my son to take a listen and he wasn’t hopeful. We’ve had a house guest with us for a while (a friend of almost 20 yrs. actually) and since he knows a thing or two about mechanical issues, he took a listen as well. When he started shaking his head, I knew it couldn’t be good. Sooo, I called our friendly mobile mechanic, Bob. He was here within two hours of my call and confirmed my worst fear: it was finito. The rocker arm he jury-rigged two years prior with a bolt and some JB Weld had finally had enough of the 121 Tollway, even though I only used it on my way home. Regardless of how, it was done. By the powers of ASE, (or whatever training he’s had in his 70+ years), he formally pronounced VanDamn dead and it was given its Last Rites, Dominis Plymouthus Kaputus. Sign of the cross aaaaand we’re done. *sigh*

Great. Perfect. Now I not only have an SUV in non-working condition, my “reliable” transportation is no more. I was supposed to get the new registration sticker that day too. Guess that saved me $64.25 huh? I wasn’t sure at that point how I’d get to work but at least I had money in my account. Woot. I sat in my room for a bit, y’know, replaying the whole thing on a mental loop in my head, wondering how in Sam Hill to resolve the issue at hand. I honestly didn’t want to go to work but sometimes, you need to turn away from the flotsam and focus on the jetsam. Er, so to speak. My mother in law bought another car quite some time back so she gave me the keys so I could drive to work. VanDamn was a ’95 Plymouth but this car is a 1988 Buick LeSabre. I call it the Pew-ick or the Science Experiment. I shouldn’t say that but it really is a hoopty. Some of the interior is held together with electrical tape. The motor mounts are a bit dodgy too so taking off from a dead stop has to be a bit slower than the folks behind me would like but I can’t be concerned with that. I’m grateful to have wheels for now, even if they aren’t mine.

So I got to work. I’m doing my thang and decide to get a stick of gum from my purse. About two chews in, I feel something in my mouth moving around other than the gum. I spit it out into the palm of my hand (on the sly, of course) and there with my gum is one of my bottom teeth that had been loose.*sigh* What fresh hell has slithered its way into my life now?? All I could do was make my way to the ladies room, wrap the tooth in a couple paper towels, wash my hands and go back to my desk until time to clock out. And let me tell ya, midnight couldn’t come soon enough for me! But when it did, I didn’t let any grass grow under my feet, y’all. I was outta there, in the Pew-ick and on my way home. As soon as I got away from the “city” and onto Business 121, I just let it all go and cried. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. It wasn’t just the cosmetic aspect of what had happened to me, though I can honestly say, it ain’t easy to be female and walk around with a missing tooth, let alone three. (yes, I said three). You never know what people will say but I tend to laugh it off and say I’m a Jeff Foxworthy joke waiting to happen (self-deprecating sense of humor…harder for folks to steal your cool that way).

Yeah, I know, this too shall pass. Easy to say but not so easy when you feel like the fit hit the shan and somehow, you always end up with the splatter. Know what I mean? I was so upset about the van, the tooth, not knowing if my job will go permanent, wanting my own place, I just started talking to God but I wasn’t being meek and I still don’t feel that way. If He has a plan, I need it to be revealed PDQ because I’m beginning to think I’m being toyed with…and I don’t like AT ALL. However, like I told my brother, getting dumped on by life usually signifies something good around the corner. My thing is this: I’ve been as patient as I care to be and I’m ready for my life to begin. The sucky part of the past week is that I’ve signed up to do the Walk for Lupus again this year but how will I get there?? If it sounds like I’m whining it’s because I am. I figure if I put my wishes and positive vibes out into the universe (i.e. car, place to live, etc.) then perhaps it can come true. My supervisor at work is helping me clean up my credit, since that’s what he does on the side so all I need is a permanent job, see? But I’ll figure something out. Always do.

On a more positive note, all those trips up and down the stairs at work have really helped. My hail-damage thighs have now upgraded to orange peel. I’m quite proud <insert silly grin>. I also started doing about 20 min. of exercise every other night when I come home, which is a bit odd at 12:30 am but hey, that’s why there’s a 24 Hour Fitness chain. People work odd hours but still want to be healthy. I’d like to publicly thank Harley Pasternak (of The Revolution), Billy Blanks (of Tae-Bo fame) and Muscle&Fitness magazine since I’ve picked up a couple things from all those sources. It really is quite nice to sit cross-legged on my bed, enjoying a nice cuppa and winding down from my “day”.  Those bone density supplements seem to be helping too so that’s saving me almost $50 per month in addition to the 5-HTP (herbal equivalent of Zoloft) that saves me $42 per month in prescription cost. There now…I’ve balanced my old lady whine-fest with a bit of ‘how ’bout them apples?’ good news.

So I’ll bid you adieu and relax with my Co-Cola (it’s a Southern pronunciation y’all) til ‘Once Upon a Time’ comes on. As for my pitiful circumstances, don’t cry for me, Argentina. I’m a strong Southern woman, I’ve been through much worse and I’m still here Much like a bad hair day, I’ll calm down after a while and then all will be right with the world again.  *wink*

Until next time…

  & hair grease y’all!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Randi
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 19:43:24

    Huggggz…. U R adorable with one or even three missing teeth anyways…. Hanfg In There!!! xo


  2. randomlady65
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 20:55:40

    Aww, thanks Ran. Love u dearly!! Osteoporosis can be a very damaging thing, lemme tell ya. I’m gonna smile anyway. ; )


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