Diamonds ain’t the only friends a girl’s got, y’all!

Okay, for as long as I’ve been posting, I’ve been snarky, pitiful, sad, happy, reflective and everything else in between. So I thought it would be a good idea to give up my other sources of strength and warm fuzzies: my dogs. Yes, you heard that correctly. My dogs give me strength.

If you’re not a dog lover, you won’t understand. Ahem, excuse me…a pet lover. Don’t wanna leave anyone out, do we? But still, there’s just something about a dog, for me, that comforts me and makes me happy. I mean, when I have a crap day and I’m ready to curl up in bed with a good book or maybe veg in front of the boob tube, all I need is to hear the clatter of eight little feet coming through the kitchen and two wiggly butts, happy to greet me at the front door. Granted, that doesn’t always happen when I come home these days because it’s almost 12:30am by the time I get there. But just look at this sweet little mug:

This is Roadie, our Boston terrier and he’s almost 9 yrs. old. It’s actually my soon-to-be ex’s dog but I consider him mine as well. We’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and it has been a total joy too! He’s so smart and playful and always ready to give me “smoogers”. That’s his version of a doggie kiss except he doesn’t lick my face. He kinda bumps his little snout against my mouth and I get…smoogers.  Love that dog! He also knows that after he goes outside and comes back in, sometimes, he’ll get a little treat. All I have to say is “What else do I get?” and he’ll either give me smoogers or a high-five. Well, the doggie version anyway. My mother in law taught him that cool trick in less than 5 min.  Boston terriers are known as “The Little Gentleman” due to their black and white coloring. They look as if they’re all dressed for dinner in their little furry tuxedos!  I’ve had a chow, a pit bull, chihuahua as a child but these two characters are my favorite, hands down.  As his name implies, Roadie is a ‘road dawg’, in that he likes to sit in the front seat, hang his head out the window and let the breeze hit his mug. It’s not good for them to do that but who am I to deny that small pleasure?  ; )   I used to put him in my SUV and I swear to you, that dog knew…KNEW where the window button was! He always rolled it down so I had to lock the windows so he couldn’t do that anymore. Little booger. lol  Matter of fact, sometimes, I call him Booglers. I have no idea why but you know how it is when you have a pet: baby talk.

I can’t forget my little girl though. Her name is Sassy but I call her Princess Poof-Poof because the sound she makes when she breathes sounds like a ‘poof’. For those of you who have neither seen or heard of a French bulldog, let me tell you, they’re noisy, gassy and good luck sleeping soundly if you let them on the bed like I do sometimes. They snore…LOUDLY. However, when she’s in my lap and looks up at me with those big brown eyes, I just melt. I absolutely LOVE that dog!! She was a Christmas present from my soon-to-be-ex- in 2004, though she was a year old when he got her. Luckily, it was for a good price from one of his disc golf buddies. Typically, a well-bred French bulldog can cost anywhere from $800 on the cheap end to over $2,500 on the high end. It all depends on the pedigree you want. One of the reasons they’re so expensive is due to their small hip area and large heads. They’re also hard to breed. They have to be artificially inseminated and all are born via C-section. Some Boston terriers are born that way as well, also due in part to their large heads. Here’s my Princess Poor-Poof:

It was easier to bond with Roadie because we got him so young. With Sassy, she had to get used to me, even though she already knew my husband. We did get on real well much later, especially after she got pregnant by Roadie. Because we knew she could deliver normally, we took her to the vet and he gave her a “morning after” shot. (yes, they have those for dogs. who knew??)  She actually remained pregnant but the vet told us it would be stillborn, most likely. He was correct, though we had SO many people that wanted the puppy. When she did go into labour, my husband and I had to help her and he had to deliver the puppy via phone call with the vet. My poor little girl howled in pain and it was just awful. Terrible. We gave the puppy to the vet so he could properly ‘care’ for it. Sassy remained in her little doggie bed until she could recover and I slept on the floor right beside her, alarm clock and all so even though I had to get up for work, she’d know ‘mama’ loved her and was there for here through the night if she needed me. For all his issues, my husband, er, EX husband has a weakness for all creatures and since she was so full of milk after delivery, he actually milked the teats himself, to help her get relief. I thought that was a very sweet thing to do.

The thing is, these animals don’t talk back (though Roadie can be a bit of a pain), they’re always glad to see me when I walk through the door and all they require is “feed me, pay attention to me once in a while and let me out to  do my bidness”. More than that, both dogs have helped me get through some difficult patches in my life, simply by being there. I got real close to Sassy when we first moved to this house in 2005. I actually thought I was having a heart attack one night and it turned out to be anxiety. I got on Zoloft shortly after but the thing is, just by her being there and snuggling close, she knew something was amiss with me and she never left my side.  My little girl!  *sniff, sniff* They’re so attuned to   we humans and the service they can provide for us is immeasurable. Of course, these aren’t service dogs but still. They help keep me calm so that’s a service of sorts…right?  <wink, wink>

Here’s a few more shots of my ‘fur babies’ :

 Soakin’ up some rays


     Chillin’ …funny puppy   

                                                                               Sleepy girl, snuggling with mom







Yeah, there’s just nothin’ quite like having my dog at my side on a cold winter day (never know what’s gonna happen with winter in Texas) to keep me warm. I feel bad for them on a hot day though because it got hotter’n Hades in the Lone Star State last summer. All I could do was put them in front of the fan while they were on my bed at night and turn the ceiling fan on as well. But  I tell ya  folks, regardless of the horrible effects we’ve subjected dogs to by breeding them down to our liking, I have to admit that if the effects of said breeding can produce a couple of sweet little punims like these, well honey, I’ll just have to love ’em now and feel bad later. I absolutely adore these two little creatures and it will be a sad day indeed when they tire of this world and pass on. I’ll have to make  a trip to the tattoo shop to immortalize their images. Well, maybe not immortal but get some ink to remember them by anyway. lol

Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Randi Marshall
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 09:22:39

    Great Artical Ne!


  2. randomlady65
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 12:56:29

    Thanks Randi. You know I love my babies!!


  3. kathie Truitt
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 10:20:59

    How sweet. Yes, dogs are wonderful. While they are here on this earth we are their entire world. All they require is that we love them back. And nobody – nobody loves us like they do.


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