A movie quote worth sharing

I watched “Cowboys and Aliens” the other day and at a high point in the film, there’s a scene where ‘Preacher’ Meacham (played by Clancy Brown) is trying to teach Doc (played by Sam Rockwell) how to shoot straight for the battle that lay ahead. They and the rest of the group they’re riding with are in an overturned river boat, which was blasted by the alien beings.

Doc basically tells Preacher Meacham that he may as well give up now because God is the only one who can help him (regarding his inability to accurately shoot at a target and hit it) and this is what ‘Preacher’ says:

Well surely you don’t expect the Lord to do everything for ya, do ya Doc? You gotta earn His presence. Then you gotta recognize it and then you have to act on it.”


Amen to that, Preacher. Amen…


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