Re-dialing God

For those of you who read my post of 21 July, this will be like Pt. 2 of that post. So many issues and emotions lately, well, I feel like I need to. Allow me to indulge myself in random-ness one again, because it ain’t easy to keep my thoughts together sometimes. I thank you in advance.


Yes, I’ll hold. (giggles while listening to the strains of O Come, All Ye Faithful)

Hello? Heeyyyy, how are You??

Sometimes, we should ask God how HE’S doing too. I know You’re Divine but still…

You’re quite welcome! I know You’re very busy this time of year so I’ll try to be as brief as my windbag self can be.

Oh, I’m doin’ okay I guess. Lots on my mind lately but…

Say again?

Yeah, I’ve been trying to go to church as often as I can and pray in between.  Can’t always do that though when I’m low on money and petrol.

That’s true, I did have a church member offer to come pick me up. I never ask her because like I said, I’m a tad embarrassed about where I live for 1) and 2) I just don’t like to depend on anyone. What if there was no one available?

Yes, it is indeed a prideful thing. But can you work with me here? I’m trying.

Thank You! I knew You’d understand!

Well, there’s lots of reasons I rang but to begin with, I’m asking You to talk to my son’s heart and maybe relieve him of some of that anger he carries around all the time. I don’t think they make a rucksack big enough to carry what he’s holding. Men, in general, aren’t really talkers but I’ve let him know he can talk to me if he needs to.

No, he’s not receptive to going to church with me, although You know he used to attend with the neighbor when he was much younger. I told him if he goes for something to do, it’s the wrong reason. That’s my fault he hasn’t grown up in the church like I have. It helps a lot.

Glad you asked. See, I think he’s just angry over his whole life. Not to take away from other kids who we both know have had it worse. No, I believe it’s a combination of anger & frustration. The anger is kind of easy to assess because he’s only 18 and to a degree, it’s part and parcel of that age. In my opinion, it stems from so many years of his dad being home/not home, not overtly attentive and having to do without a lot of times because we had no money. Just seems like the last time I was really able to do anything really nice for him was his 8th birthday. It wasn’t about the money I spent but the smile on his face when he had all those friends at his party. Since then, we’ve always had bills to pay and not much left to make a memorable day for him. I like to do things for him out of the blue but I can’t. Strange how everything always comes down to money these days. It shouldn’t but it does. I always think back to my parents and how hard they worked to make sure that we never had a birthday or Christmas without a present, or a holiday without a good dinner to share together. It had to be tough on them with 3 of us kids but I can barely manage with one! I don’t know Lord, I’ve tried to make sure he at least had the same type clothes the other kids are wearing so he wouldn’t feel “left out”.

Yeah, those resale shops are pretty awesome!

I honestly think it’s everything all at once with him, like it is with me. The difference is, I pray for guidance. Maybe not as much as I should, but I do pray. I want to be a ‘rock’ to him like You are to all of us. If he would just open up a little and share with me, I KNOW I could help him.

Yes, he is terribly disrespectful at times and there is no excuse for that. I’m also trying to remedy that situation as well, but it ain’t easy. Don’t know where I went wrong but I just don’t feel like taking a switch to his butt or smacking him was the answer. Maybe I should’ve at least spanked him more (I DO believe in spanking where it’s needed) I don’t know. I just want the young adult to become like the smiling little boy I used to know. He loves to laugh and has so much energy…

<chuckle> yeah, he was a ‘right now’ kind of kid before he was ever born. Two and a half days of labor…shoulda known then, eh?  lol    It’s okay though. You blessed me with him so the rest is up to me.

What I’d really like for Christmas is…

…no, You sure aren’t Santa Claus but…

Ohhhh, You were just making a funny.  heehee

Well, what I’d really like is grace & patience, Lord. Every day is an emotional surprise but with Your help, I know me and my son will be able to accomplish whatever we set our minds to. I need Your help to get over, as they say.

One more thing: you have three lovely and dutiful “kids” Lord, and I’d like to acknowledge them here:  my brother Steve, my dear friend Gleeby and the lovely soul You know as Kathie. Those three have made SUCH a difference in my life, as have You and I just need You to give them a Godly shout-out (as it were) in the way of peace in their sweet little hearts. They deserve it.

The job is going well, thanks for asking! Still got a lot to learn and set high expectations for myself but it just means I want to excel at it. Speaking of which, I need to skeedaddle so I can get ready to go.

It’s been a pleasure talking to You too. You ARE the reason for the Season and I hope folks remember that! Might seem a little strange but Merry Christmas, Lord! And thank You for the conversation.

Love You too! Byeee…


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kathie Truitt
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 22:15:44

    You’re such a talented writer. Not only that but you’re also a character. That’s a good combination. Love ya. And by the way, I got the Lord on my speed dial as well.


  2. randomlady65
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 13:32:51

    Kiddo, you always know how to bring a tear to my eye. My blessings really began when I connected with you. I’m still a work in progress but I’m on the right path. I thank you from the bottom of my pea pickin’ heart for the wonderful compliment. YOU are my writing muse, girly nd my inspiration as well! Love you like the sky is blue. ; )


  3. Heath Tyrrell
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 14:46:29

    It’s an amazing piece of writing in support of all the web visitors; they will take benefit from it I am sure.


  4. randomlady65
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 15:40:01

    Thank you so much Heath. I typically write what I feel and with the same written “dialect” of my everyday life. It’s flattering and humbling when I get positive feedback on my posts. Hope you make me a regular stop! lol


  5. Yuk Pociengel
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 18:22:59

    I don’t usually comment but I gotta admit regards for the post on this great one : D.


  6. randomlady65
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 12:11:51

    Thank you for your kind words YP! I do love to write. Come back and “see” me again. Oh…tell your friends as well. Always love to get new readers!! : )


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