“We got one!” (a job, that is)

Yes kids, it’s true. the Random Lady is once again a working class dog.  I’ve rung the alarm, slid down the old fire pole, attached my proton pack and am ready to bust some…butt.  LOL  I thought this clip was the best way to give you a visual idea of my internal excitement.

Though I won’t be giving away all the details, I will tell you that it’s a contract position for a major financial institution. So far, it will only be for 3 months but I’m sure that once I get in there and show them all the skills I’ve acquired over the years, they’ll either extend my contract or perhaps offer me a more permanent position. Either way, I’m thankful and very happy. There’s a lesson in all this as well: you can pray for that job you really want but when you do, make sure you let the Big Man know you’re leaving it in HIS hands and that if it’s His will, then you’re cool with that. It took me years to figure out that you shouldn’t ask for this, that and the other. You should literally be telling God “Thy will be done”.  Otherwise, we sound like our kids visiting Santa at the department store Christmas village. Y’know,  “I want a Barbie and I want a Barbie Corvette and I want a Barbie hot tub and I want a…”  You get the idea.

I’ve done the drug test, background check, fingerprinting (yes, it’s necessary) and proof of ID for the I-9 form. My first day of work begins on Halloween. Now, some folks would have an issue with that. Not me. When you’ve been out of work for nearly a year, you get so tired of looking at the four walls, you really don’t give a rip what day you start the new job. And believe me, being that this double-wide was built in 1987, I have those ugly Knots Landing floral walls in my room.  I’m not typically a floral pattern-loving type woman but some are okay. Not these, however.

At any rate, while it will be the 2nd shift (no early rising…yay!!!!) , it won’t prevent me from blogging. I’m used to being up late now so it’s actually perfect. One downside is if we have another dodgy winter like last year. I hope and pray we don’t because the last thing I want to do is call in absent due to the weather. But since I kinda value my life, I won’t be willing to take the risk. I’m pretty sure the company wouldn’t want that either. Hey, these days, the weather is such a grab bag on any given day that you just never know what’s going to happen on a daily basis. And with that, I take my leave and will finish the book I’m currently reading. Before I go, I’m going to add one more visual of how excited I am to be working and I think y’all can probably relate to this one. I’m referring of course, to the Snoopy dance.  Take care folks.

Until next time…  & hair grease y’all!!



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