I feel I need to post this, in light of my post a few days ago. As I said, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will I be in my spirituality. I have a tendency to defend changes in myself that I feel are necessary, so as not to have someone say,  “When did she get all religious??” It’s as if I’m trying to hide it so I don’t offend anyone…the very thing I abhor. Let me explain: I’m all about honesty because I believe it’s important. But in analyzing myself, I see that I’m not living up to my own credo of honesty if I’m attempting to hide my faith in God or that I attend church service regularly (well, when I have gas for the van) Perhaps I’m second guessing my good friends and if that’s so, then I apologize. For me though, I need that faith-based relationship if I have any chance of maintaining my sanity. Remember, not only am I trying to get a divorce, I have an 18 yr. old son and that alone is enough to cause anyone to seek a Divine assist. Just sayin’…

So while I admit that I don’t like God or religion crammed down my throat, I grew up in the church (Lighthouse Baptist in Bellevue, NE), attended regularly as a child as well as the VBS (First Baptist Church in El Dorado Springs, MO) and find that I like the way my fellow worshippers are glad to see me and actually care about me at my new church (LifeBridge). My dear friend Gleeby and I have several life parallels (in relation to the men in our lives) but kinda lean on each other both in and outside of church. I don’t have one best friend in particular, but she and I text or email most every day and she’s been my go-to Gleeby for a while now. All my besties (Kat, Gleeby, Brandie,) know me well and seem to like me anyway (LOL!) and for that, I feel very blessed.  Y’all are awesome, in case  I hadn’t told ya lately.  ; )

When I was a child…mischievous, inquisitive, energetic and comedic child, my mom would get so frustrated with me and my older brother that she would scream this at the top of her lungs. That wasn’t very loud but enough that it affected me that I brought my mom to that point. I never forgot it and still think of it when I feel like tossing a shoe at somebody. (there’s that honesty again!) So here it is…lather, rinse and repeat. Oh, sorry. That was the directions on my shampoo bottle.   ; )     It does bear repeating though. Every single time you feel your head will pop off your neck from frustration. Be well and happy kiddies…I love you!


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