How to make George Washington squeal

Here I aaaam!! Sorry for the long absence but I’ve been busy job hunting and wallowing in self-pity. LOL  Really though, I have been job hunting intensely since I got back from my trip to Omaha. I gave myself a year and a half to get a job, get divorced, save money and move out. Of course, it’s never as simple as all that but I believe I can do it if I really set my mind to it. I plan to buy bedding and housewares for my new place (wherever that may be) and keep them in my closet so they’re nice and shiny and still have that new “store smell”. At the moment, that’s not possible because my unemployment benefits are dismal and so I have to budget like crazy and be uber cheap about the few purchases I am able to make. That being said, I decided to share a few tips and tricks we’ve had to resort to in order to get by. And believe me when I say, we’re just gettin’ by. Moving on now…

For starters, it’s almost back to school for our area and even though my son is 18 and out of school, I wanted to pass on a few ideas that maybe you haven’t thought of. There are so many places to buy school supplies and Walmart would be the #1 pick for most folks I would think, so that’s a given. And then you have Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and of course Walgreens. Sure, they have lots of good sales…but have you ever thought about getting supplies at Dollar General or Dollar Tree? What about the 99¢ Only store??  I know, I know. They tend to have the stigma of a poor folks Walmart but if you really want to stretch your dollar, why wouldn’t you shop there?

Let me give you a prime example: those cool mesh desk accessories you want for your cubicle or home office but don’t want to pay the high prices? Yeah, you can get those at Dollar Tree for a BUCK! I just checked and their mesh items sell from $5-$15;  Staples is about the same as Walmart. I’m not saying purchase all the things you need at dollar stores, far from it. But for the paper clip holder, pencil holder, waste basket, letter tray or letter holder, try hittin’ up your local Dollar Tree or 99¢ Only store. These are items that you don’t need to pay high prices for. Not only that, if you want to customize the color from plain old black or silver, all it takes it a bit of spray paint. With the money you save buy the dollar store mesh items, you can afford the spray paint! Or not, totally a matter of personal taste and this is only a suggestion folks. I still have the little mesh organizer I paid $10 for a couple years ago and spray painted pink. I wanted a “happy” color on my desk. It’s on the bar in the dining room and holds pencils, rubber bands and binder clips in case I need them. See?

There are supplies for elementary, middle school and high school kids, as well as teachers. And like I said, you don’t have to get all their supplies at the dollar type stores but if you can save a few bucks, why not? I took a few pics with my BlackBerry the other day so you could visualize.



I even got a little pot of Dippin’ Dots lip balm, Mint Chocolate, of course.  LOL  As for grocery type items, you can find all sorts of canned goods on the shelves as well. We get green beans, strawberry jam, salsa and even EVOO! Who wouldn’t love that?? Incidentally, we buy Nature’s Own whole wheat bread there since it’s only $1.00 per loaf. You can find Roman Meal there also. If you want snacks for the kids (they’re not healthy but snacks, nonetheless), Dollar Tree has those 4 oz. cans of Fritos Scoops and Cheetos Crunchy. When you finish what’s inside, wipe it out with a paper towel and use it for those Snickerdoodle cookies you can also find on the shelf. That’s what I do!  When one of the big grocery chains has a sale on snacks, you can refill the can with whatever snack you like and then you’re being “green” and not wasting plastic sandwich bags.    🙂

There are SO many ways to save money by getting certain items at these stores and I have a few other tips we use here at home but that’ll be posted at a later date. It’s a horrible allergy day today so I need to visit my three best ‘friends’: Tylenol, Nasonex and Coca-Cola. Do a Google search to see if any of the stores are in your area first but if they are, by all means, get your butt down there and start shopping! Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all


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  1. kathie Truitt
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 14:10:42

    I LOVE the dollar stores around my neck of the woods and believe me, we have plenty of ’em!


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