The long, hot summer

Hello kiddies! Aside from my fabulous blunder in not providing a redirect to my new blog address, it’s extremely hot and very miserable here in Texas. We’re not the only ones but our entire state is in an excessive drought.  Yesterday’s high temp was 111.9*F and let me tell you, it was dang hot when I took my son to his buddy’s house!! I should point out that VanDamn has no a/c so in the 10 min. it took me to drive him over there and back, I was sapped of any speck of energy I had when I got home. I actually got the digital thermometer to make sure my body temp wasn’t higher than it should be. With the windows down, the breeze felt like when you open the oven door and you get a hot blast to the face. If I could afford to fix my SUV, it has killer a/c. But that’s another link in the chain of gotta-have-a-job-before-I-can-fix-it.  And so it goes…

Not only is that depressing but I’m still looking for gainful employment. I try to stay positive but it isn’t always easy. My would-be ex told me I need to get a newspaper and get out and “sell” myself where employers can see me face to face. He believes that sending my resume online doesn’t set me apart from anyone else; mine is just another resume. Well, that’s true…to a point.

The past 10 years of my work experience have been in the Title/Escrow/REO  Closing fields and those are not the type of jobs you can randomly contact HR and ask if they’re hiring. I actually did drop in on a title company once a couple years back to see if they were hiring. They weren’t. Now,  I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it again…I AM saying most of the offices I need to get my resume to frown upon that method of contact. But for whatever reason, he’s not getting that memo.  I moved on and got assistance from the instructor at my unemployment orientation last month. She let me email her my resume and told me what I needed to tweak on it to make it stand out. She also helped me with “My Portfolio”, on my Work in Texas account, so that I was maximizing the Job Match feature. Trust me when I say it is not user friendly. She agreed. At any rate, I replaced my old resume on Careerbuilder, Monster, etc. with the 3.0 version so maybe I’ll have a good Friday and get some calls.

Which brings me to my next topic: unemployment and depression. I’m quite sure I’m not the only minnow in the bucket where that’s concerned but I wanted to address the issue here because…well, because that’s what I do and how I help myself cope with what’s going on in my life. Hopefully, some of you other minnows can relate.

It’s a terrible and vicious cycle when there is a major shift in one’s life, and job loss is one of them, in my humble opinion. Whether one is unemployed for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, it all adds up to stress, lack of sleep, health issues and even discord among the family. For me, it isn’t so much discord as it is ticking all the boxes on my “To Do” list before I’m able to move to a place of my own. While I enjoyed my trip to Omaha immensely, coming back was a bit of a drag in that the unemployment office made an unsettling gaffe and paid me $345 they were not supposed to pay. All is well now but for the week of June 5th thru 11th, the pay I was supposed to receive was used to pay back the $345 someone in their office overpaid me. (I know…that’s what I thought too).

As of now, my benefits pay me$345 per week. I’m grateful, truly, I am. But I have to shuffle things around a bit to pay everyone currently, plus try to play catch-up on one bill in particular due to their gaffe. I feel a great deal of responsibility and the burden feels heavy on my shoulders to help keep the household running.  All of it is depressing and to compound it, I’ve put on more weight (oh goody) so then that adds to the depression. But having friends helps me a great deal, as does this blog. Oops! Can’t forget my little fur babies (dogs)!!  I have a laundry list of things to accomplish, most of which require money. But I have faith that all will be well and then I can post my excitement over a new job and the beginning of me on my path to singledom. (wait…is that a word??) So for everyone else feeling the ol’ unemployment blues like me,  just hang on. We’re all gonna be okay.  Until next time…

   & hair grease, y’all!!


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