Yes, I still have a pulse!

Sorry kids, I know it’s been a good long while since my last post but I’m still trying to get my head together and keep my emotions in check. Not so easily done right about now because I’ve had a lot going on. Well, for me anyway. I got my divorce petition all copy/pasted but need to fill in the blanks and then actually take my butt to the courthouse and file. The problem was I didn’t have the money and when I expected my UI benefits payment (that’s unemployment insurance), it seems I wasn’t eligible for emergency compensation at that time and therefore, had to file aaaall over again. Crap on a crap cracker!

Not only did the timing suck but now I had no way to pay my bills…another hot item for my mother in law to worry about.  Outwardly, you can’t tell but I always know because she sighs alot and has trouble sleeping. When I give her money, it may not fix the problem entirely but it helps us stay afloat. Yes, I’m still paying the wireless bill for everyone and the media bundle account is mine anyway. In between all that, I’ve been trying to find a way to pay off my son’s stupid speeding ticket but he finally admitted that he hadn’t paid on it in a couple months. I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was when he told me that but held my composure. I’ll elaborate in my book, which is why this will be short and sweet. I have notes here and there and though I’m not severely depressed, I am depressed and that plays a large role in my inability to write more than I have. Vicious cycle, y’all…vicious.

At any rate, I need to “fill in the blanks” so that document can find it’s way to the courthouse and pop the flash drive into my lappy so I can get on with my book as well. As for my son, well, he hasn’t been home the past couple days and that’s fine with me. Since he turned 18 this month, he’s keen to remind me that he doesn’t have to check in with me anymore and he can do what he wants. Yay. I’m so freakin’ happy for him. In about 2-5 years, he’ll be re-thinking that statement when he’s out on his own and begins to realize there was a method to my madness. LOL

So enjoy your summer, my friends and regardless of where you are and what the ambivalent mood of Mother Nature might be on that day, don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them and always find a way to laugh…daily. Humor can be a wonderful thing and it’s good for you. Reader’s Digest said so!

Until next time…

    & hair grease, y’all!!


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