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Well, I’m finally back after a brief respite. Sometimes, you just gotta crawl under the covers, get over yourself and emerge with a better frame of mind and a renewed purpose. Know what ah mean, Vern?  LOL  Anyhoo, I’ve added a page called ‘Hot Links’ because it expresses me as a person in more visual terms but also provides links to sites I visit regularly. If you hover over the icons, I’ve added a brief blurb to describe the content of the site. However, I’m going to list them all here and tell you why I chose them.

ANGELS ON EARTH-This mini magazine is published by Guideposts, which I used to read as a child. My mother subscribed to   them (the Guideposts magazine, that is) and when I happened to run across Angels on Earth, I subscribed to it. I also had an “angel moment” when I was 16 so I have a firm belief that we are protected by angels that are assigned to us. Call me crazy but that’s just what I believe.

HAUNTED HIGHWAYS-I “met” Marley Gibson thru a social network and began reading her YA book series Ghost Huntress. They.kick.butt!! I’m very honored to be on her list and I think she’s fabulous! She was on the premier episode of My Ghost Story (Ghost Child) and her paranormal investigations provide inspiration for her book series. Patrick Burns is just phenomenally talented…period!! He was one of the stars of truTV’s Haunting Evidence, which shamefully, is no longer airing. I thought it was a cool show because they used well known psychics and paranormal investigation to help solve cold cases. Not sure if you can find episodes on Hulu but you should see him in action. They make a wonderful team and are soon to be married! Congrats Marley and Patrick!!

CHASING SHADOWS-This is a blog by San Antonio resident and noted cryptid hunter, Ken Gerhard. This man is SO accomplished in the cryptozoology community and is always busy doing something. He’s another friend I “met” thru a social network but am glad I did! For those of you who don’t have a clue what a cryptid is, let me just toss out a few: Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, Mothman, Chupacabra…there’s more but I’ll just stop with those. Ken has been featured on many TV programs, most notably Monster Quest on the History Channel. Also a WAY cool individual!  🙂

SHADOWLANDS-I ran across this when I got bored one night but it’s a rather interesting site. It lists haunted places all across America and other parts of the world. Kinda fun to see if there are any spooky establishments in your area!

GYPSY ROSE– I bought a nice kurta from this company and have been in love with it every since! While they do sell lots of hippie style clothes, they also have incense, candles, jewelry, shoes, posters, bumper stickers, cool blankets. I like to wear peasant blouses (remember those?) with a pair of jeans and maybe some heels or dress boots, depending on the season. You could say my style is “hippie chic”.  Your order might come to you in a Heineken box because they recycle and try to reduce their carbon footprint as well as provide cool eco friendly products.

THE HUNGER SITEI found this site and immediately bookmarked it. They provide access to various items and services to help aid global hunger and poverty. You can help people in Darfur, Tibet and Burma by purchasing items handmade by the people in those countries. There is a menu to the left of the site page, as well as across the top. All you have to do is choose the one that appeals to you most. Some of the items are actually donations for much needed services in various areas of the countries listed.

ADOPT A DOCTOR-Just as the name implies, you can donate on a recurring monthly basis and 100% of the funds go to supporting and retaining doctors in the poorest countries in Africa. The average doctor only spends 3 years in many African countries due to the low salary. These funds will help attract and retain physicians where they are needed most. In exchange for financial aid, doctors in this program sign a contract agreeing to remain in their country and practice medicine for at least 7 years. If they decide to leave before the 7 years has passed, they must return all funds received from Adopt a Doctor.

CHARITABLE GIFTS-This link will take you to Marie Claire and through a slideshow of various sites that provide products and services here in America and around the world. It’s totally worth checking out!

Many of these purchases are tax deductible but even if they weren’t, I’d give as much as I possibly could if I had the means. We have it pretty good here in the USA, regardless of our current economic situation but we always find something to complain about, myself included. Like I’ve said before, I’m a work in progress and probably not as Christian as many other friends and family. But I am very spiritual and grateful for the things I do have. When I leave this earthly plane, I want to be thought of as a good and decent human being because in the end, that’s the best legacy I could leave my son. No more, no less.

Until next time…

& hair grease, y’all!!


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