Blue moon of…Texas

What a day, what a day. And tonight was a full moon. Typically, everything goes wonky during a full moon (if you buy into all that hoo-hah) but today has been more of a blue moon for me. I’ve been rather “blah” lately and I’m certain it’s due to my lack of gainful employment. I’ve networked my friends and acquaintances as much as I can and am still looking into other options but it’s more than just not working. Soooo many things on my mind lately and it’s seriously putting a snag in my writing. *SIGH* Oy! Genug already!!

Part of my problem is depression but it’s not severe. It’s just enough to poke me and let me know it’s there. And I KNOW it’s there by looking at my cluttered bedroom, dirty bathroom and the fact that I just want to nap all the time. To be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t fallen apart in one of those ugly crying jags but that would only make things worse. Besides, this too shall pass…kinda wish it hurry up though. For me, if I get too emotional, I lose focus and then I’m completely worthless so I can’t do that.

I got most of my bedroom cleaned and dusted but I still have some clothes to hang up that I washed and dried last week. I also sorted out my closet and stored all my winter jammies and sweatpants in a plastic bin to make room for all my summer clothes.  I’m normally one of those quasi-OCD people who arranges their closet by season, sleeve length and color but not this time. Just wasn’t feelin’ that Monk today, y’know?  And it isn’t my lack of a job that concerns me, though it is the lion’s share of my funk. Even when I do find work, our economy is so jacked I’m more than a little farmisht as to how I’ll juggle all my responsibilities, not to mention saving a little here and there for when I move out. Ah well, the universe tends to unfold as it should, que no? Once you fall off a bike, you gotta get back on and try, try again. So that’s what I’m gonna do. That and get a good night’s sleep…I hope. Unless my two hairy fur babies wake me up again at 2am and 5am like they did yesterday. Buggers! LOL   Love ’em though!

Until next time, I’ll hitch my wagon to a star, or an E.T. and move on. Later y’all!


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