Mud on the tires

As you all know, my life interests are various and sundry so this post will be no different. We had a deluge of rain here on Wednesday (3 in.) so now it’s humid and damp and perfect for going muddin’. Now if you’re all “citified” and have never been muddin’…well you’re just missin’ out entirely. That’s a fact!

Actually, you may not have been missing out at all but it was a huge part of my teenage years back in my hometown. And what, you ask precipitated my decision to blog about muddin’? Why my son and his friend, of course.  See, he came boppin’ into my room at about 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon and asked me to come with him. When I asked where, he said “Just come with me.” Okay, I’m game. We only went around the corner and into the field behind our house…to his friend who was stuck in the mud! Magical. I was like “Dude, you wanna pull your buddy out of the mud with a freakin’ VAN??”. Yes, we made a feeble attempt to nudge the guy out with VanDamn. Did it work? No way, Jose. Epic fail! (like we had a snowball’s chance of success anyway) Here’s the mudhole…

We couldn’t get the tow strap and chain to hook up to anything sturdy except the bumper and it was tearing the stupid thing off the van. Well poo! So we decided to head out to 7-11 because I needed a beer, as I was having a mediocre day and it would give me a little “think” time as to who I might ask to pull my son’s friend out. I should mention the guy has a truck but it’s only 2 wheel drive and has 20 in. rims on it at that. Not a vehicle conducive to a zip thru the mud, and not just mud but clay. Living close to the lake like we do, we’re blessed with that smelly, sticky clay-mud that is SO hard to scrape off shoes, cars or anything else it comes in contact with. Nasty stuff!

So as we were ready to pull out onto the road, the traffic started to build, even in our little ‘hood because the elementary school down the street was letting out and all the parents were stacked up at the stop sign. A very courteous man in a little red car let us pull out ahead of him and as we did, VanDamn fishtailed due to the slick clay-mud on the tires. I laughed so hard I thought I’d wet myself but we came out of the turn okay and headed to 7-11. Here’s a shot of our tracks out to the road…

I knew of a guy with a dually (one of those big diesel trucks with dual rear wheels) but didn’t see him at the convenience store near the house (NObody with a 4×4 was in the parking lot!) so I thought we might find him or someone at 7-11. I popped in and got my pint bottle of Newcastle and we headed back to the stuck truck. As fortune would have it, my friend with the dually was there at the little store on the corner. So I barged in and asked if he could help. He agreed and about the time Daley (the guy with the dually) got across the street to pull out my son’s buddy, here comes a little red jeep and another dually. Figures! So Daley yanks the kid’s Chevy outta the clay-mud and we all go on our way.

Well, I drove VanDamn back to the house and my son rode back with his buddy in the Chevy. It wasn’t as muddy as I’ve seen it but it was splattered, for sure. I tried to scrape that sticky clay off the van with the window squeegee so my mother in law wouldn’t ask any questions but like I said, that stuff doesn’t come off easily. Here’s what the vehicles looked like.

Mud on the tires

    VanDamn, still sporting evidence of its whereabouts

I have to admit, I envy them their youthful exuberance and opportunity to go buck wild in the mud like that. Brings back lots of good memories of Friday and Saturday night with cold beer, a pass thru the local Sonic and driving the main drag of town covered in mud so all could admire the badge of honor received from taking your truck for a run in the swampy old strip pit without getting stuck. Gave us something to talk about when Monday rolled around and we had to go back to school, until the next Friday, when we’d do it all over again. In my opinion, that’s better than any Xbox, Wii or electronic game that would keep a kid indoors instead of experiencing some of the more simple (yes, a bit dangerous) things in life but ones that can leave endearing memories for a long time to come. With that, I’ll catch out but here’s a video by Brad Paisley…enjoy!

Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!!


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