The joys of being over 40

Ah yes, we’ve finally reached the age where we can be a bit of a crabby patty and get away with it. I mean after all, our kids are almost grown, we’re on the menopause mountain in a steady slalom and kinda getting comfortable in our own skin and not afraid to speak our mind, thanks to the rollercoaster of hormones the aforementioned menopause/middle age has kindly bestowed upon us. It makes our emotions go up and down like the mercury in a sphygmomanometer (that thingy on the wall at the doctor’s office that takes our blood pressure) , thereby leaving us prone to blurting something better left unsaid or bawling like a calf without it’s mother. *sigh* And so it goes…

Now don’t get me wrong, I rather like being 46 because I’ve never felt as confident, intelligent and capable of doing anything I set my mind to. BUT-(and there’s always a big but) one thing all of us ladies absolutely loathe is what my father used to refer to as “the secretarial spread”.  So like my father to yuk it up since it wasn’t him who had to worry about being afflicted. Anyway, at the time, I was young and in shape so I asked him what that was. He told me it’s when you sit too long and your butt starts to spread. Being that I worked in an office at that time (still do…when I’m not unemployed. lol ) I can relate. Our metabolism slows down and we wake up one morning and go “…the hell happened??”

For me, it was after I quit smoking in 2005. At the age of 40, I had already been postmenopausal for about four years. My mother started her menopause early also, so before she passed away, she accurately diagnosed my menopause whereas my OB/GYN told me I was too young. Mother wasn’t a doctor but she knew best.  I don’t remember gaining a bunch of weight all at once after I did the Smoke Away thing and effectively gave up the cancer sticks, rather, it was gradual. At first, I thought I had the dryer on too high of a heat setting because I had to extend my favorite Old Navy jeans with a rubber band. Not much…just a little. At the time, I still wore a size 6 and that was awesome casserole to be my age, that size and flat abs. Ah yes, I remember it well.

Fast forward to three months later and I can’t get into those Old Navy faves anymore.  I usually wear a bigger size jean, on account of my J.Lo butt. Still have the bubble butt only it’s even bigger and I still don’t smoke. Yay for the non-smoking part but not the added weight. Oddly enough, I’m actually pretty healthy for being overweight. It’s not too bad but I could lose 30 lbs. or so. My problem area is not the upper half of my body but my thunder thighs and “lady hump”. I haven’t exercised properly since my lupus walk on the 9th of this month. Yeah, very lazy of me, I know. I’ve been a bit depressed lately but not overly and I know that at my age and metabolism, I need a little boost.

And I found some really good advice watching the Dr. Oz show the other day. So instead of writing his advice and being even more of a windbag, I thought I would embed the videos in chronological order and just let you hear directly from the horse’s mouth so there would be no confusion. I used the memo feature in my BlackBerry to take notes so that the next time I’m out running errands, I can go get one of these supplements and not have to look it up online on my phone. Takes too long.  ; )     While I DO want to be small enough to wear the cute clothes again, I want to get healthy and be more energetic, on the off chance I can make a successful career of writing. Book tours take energy ladies! lol  Enjoy the vids and let me know if any of that works for you. Just click the little “Email Me” icon to your right on the Home page of my blog.

After you hit 40 the pounds start packing on and staying on. But you don’t have to be at the mercy of a slow metabolism.


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