Random acts of kindness

Hello my friends. Hope you all are well and happy. Well, at the the very least. The first thing on my mind is the folks in Vilonia, AR who sustained so much damage from the tornadoes that ripped through their state,  that the town is nearly wiped off the map completely.  Though most of its residents are safe, four people lost their lives as a result of the deadly storms. I have a friend who is not far from Vilonia, in a little town called Paragould.  It’s about a 2 hour drive up Highway 67 but the tornado was travelling northeast…which is the direction to Paragould  on Highway 67. I sent her a text to make sure she and her family were all okay, which they were. Didn’t stop me from worrying though. Our families have known each other well over 40 years and she’s currently recuperating from a short stay in hospital, due to complications of her systemic lupus. In case I hadn’t mentioned it in an earlier post, she was the one I did my Walk for Lupus Now 5K for (aside from the memoriam to my mother). She has congestive heart failure and is only 51, so I was concerned that she would be okay.

That being said, as I was at the checkout in my local Walgreens this morning, I yawned and the cashier kinda laughed and said she understood when I apologized. She then said “Wish somebody loved me enough to go get me a frappe mocha from McDonald’s!” also with a little laugh. I assumed she needed a little pick me up as well. Now, if y’all have read my blog, you’ll know that I’m unemployed, getting divorced, yada yada and don’t have a whole lot of extra money. (today is my unemployment benefit “payday). Be that as it may, I told her I’d go get her one. Her smile faded for a second and she looked at me, almost in disbelief and said “You will??”  I replied,  “Of course I will”.  And I did. I got back into VanDamn (thru the passenger side, since the driver side door can’t be opened anymore…won’t close properly if you do), drove across two parking lots and got her the icy cold frappe mocha she wanted. I don’t think she believed I’d actually do it but when I handed it to her she said “If you ever need anything here…” , to which I replied “Nah. I don’t need anything. Just passing on a little kindness, like we’re supposed to do”.

So did I really do that for no reason, other than kindness and to see her smile? Absolutely!  I read somewhere that we should do a deed simply for the sake of doing it and not because we expect anything in return. I feel that if all you put into the world is negative energy, that’s what you get back. But if you put out positive energy, then it will come back to you in a good way, most times, unexpectedly. I’ve learned a great deal from everything that has happened in my life and though I may not have as many “things” as other folks, maybe that’s not what I need. And what I need is exactly what my parents gave me: the knowledge of right from wrong, treat others with respect and a little goes a long way. (daddy also told me s#@! rolls downhill, payday is on Friday and ALWAYS save your receipts!)

The thing is, every one you encounter, from the cashier at the convenience store to the “pizza dude” who delivers to your door, has a story. They all have something happening with their life, even if it doesn’t outwardly show. Then again, their life may be okey dokey…point is, don’t assume anything and keep your life in perspective. Just do something good for someone, simply to be kind and perhaps restore their faith in the world and the people in it. I remember several years ago giving someone a quarter so they could pay for whatever it was they needed. It wasn’t much but once you do that, not only will it make you feel better, it has a tendency to snowball. Even if it doesn’t, for a brief moment, you’ve helped another person and possibly made their day. We forget about the simple things in life way too easily because we’re too focused on “stuff”. Please don’t think I’m a self-aggrandizing type because I’m not. I’d like to enjoy “stuff” as much as anyone else. But I don’t think I could actually enjoy them unless I become more altruistic and learn to appreciate what I have more than what I want.

I realize this is pretty deep for a blog post, but since I feel so many different things at any given time, I have to let them out and share with someone. And, well…since you’re here, I may as well share with you. I don’t think we can properly grow as human beings if we don’t try to help each other and understand each other. We can agree to disagree, if you will. We’re all in this together and the world could definitely use more love and togetherness. May sound hippie-fied but it’s true.  : )   At least, that’s what I think…how about you?


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