Git-R-Done or Pushmi-pullyu??


As of this writing, the U.S. Congress still doesn’t have a federal budget that both the Assess and Elephants can agree upon. Yes, I’m aware they are Democrats and Republicans, respectively. My view is, they’re BOTH acting like jackassess.  They’re actually bickering over the cause of the budget standoff!! What is this, grade school??  THESE are the knuckleheads we elected and pay to speak on our behalf?? Dude…I want my money back! Dislike!!

How in Sam Hill did our government manage to muck up the legislative process and convolute laws to the point that we in the public sector don’t know whether to shit or go blind? Admittedly, there are many facets of the government that I can’t even begin to comprehend and won’t pretend that I do. No, what I understand is monetay responsibility but shortfall of capital for those responsibilites. The last time we faced a federal government shutdown was 1995 & 1996. Granted, that’s been some time ago but that’s not the point. We shouldn’t have to find ourselves in the same predicament as we did 16 yrs. ago. I think what irks me the most is that Congress and the President still get paid (I’m cool with the President retaining his pay…he’s the Commander in Chieft. Supposed to be, anyway) but thousands upon thousands of federal employees won’t, our military men and women included. So exactly who would be affected if there is a shutdown? Here’s a link to, where you’ll find a table of the agencies, employees and other details regarding a possible shutdown:

I guess what bothers me the most is our U.S. soldiers not getting all of their pay. These folks put their lives in danger every day for the three…count ’em…THREE wars we are currently engaged in, meanwhile, Congress is so busy waffling over the budget that it may shut down everything and make these soldiers and their families scramble to “dog paddle” their bills until an agreement can be reached.  Hmmm…wonder if any members of Congress have children in the military? If so, I wonder if they would only get partial pay or full pay by association with the member of Congress (i.e. the parent) ? Either way, it isn’t fair.

They may push back the budget deadline so they have more time to come to some sort of agreement.  I hope they can get the job done because at this point, the parties are like that pushmi-pullyu in the Doctor Doolittle story; not really getting anywhere and always seeing things in an opposite manner. Personally, I don’t give a tinker’s damn how they get it done, they just need to “git-r-done”.   Here’s what I posted earlier today on Facebook:

NOTE TO CONGRESS: Here in the real world, if we’re hired to do a job but all we do is bicker, complain and finger point, we’re out on our a**es. Yet there you sit, unable to be grown-ups and reach an agreement. Do us a favor, eh? Shut your cakeholes with the bickering, put on your big-boy pants, get your thumbs out of your collective butts and GET THE JOB DONE!!!!! Thank you…that is all.”

Peace-out y’all…


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