Cornwall, United Kingdom

If you’ve ever looked at a map of Great Britain, you may have seen Cornwall in the Southwest of the country. To be honest, I’d never given it a whole lot of thought until I “met” a friend on Facebook who lives in the village of Boscastle in Cornwall. She is originally from the West Midlands in England but moved to Cornwall. The more pictures I see of it, the more I want to hop on a plane and jet on over there. I’ve completely fallen in love with the place!  Look at this:



                      Briar Cottage                              Dining area

This is a 300 year old cottage in Boscastle,  by the Celtic Sea on the North Coast of Cornwall. Although it is currently solicited for sale, you get an idea of how much history and beauty there is in the area. Briar Cottage has a lovely English garden and the view? Awe-inspiring:


 The garden at Briar Cottage                       View from garden path

Should you decide to visit Boscastle, I recommend you visit Boscastle Pottery as they have some fabulous handmade pieces of their famous Mocha ware, a technique where “mocha tea” is applied to the wet slip. Though I’ve never been fortunate enough to visit, as of this writing, I did receive a lovely piece as a Christmas gift (prezzie, in the UK). 



  There are many other villages along the coast, one of which is Tintagel, famous for King Arthur and Camelot. I’m pretty sure it’s very touristy but worth a look. Another place of interest is Port Isaac, just down the road from Tintagel.  Set along the immediate coast, Port Isaac is probably better known as Port Wenn in the British television program Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes. My friend in Boscastle referred me to the series and needless to say, both the acting and the location got me hooked. I’m proud to say all four seasons (or series, as they are known in the UK) are available on I don’t know a great deal about Port Isaac but if you don’t sigh when you look at photos, then you won’t be the least inclined to visit any village in Cornwall. Something to keep in mind though, is that the Cornish people are a bit laid back, so if there is a task to be done, assuredly it will be done…drekkly. To you and me, that would be “directly”.  A rather nice change from our hurried lives in America, don’t you agree?  LOL   

  Port Isaac






                                                The port at low tide                


                   Filming in the village


                       Doc Martin’s “surgery”  (the small cottage)

 The southern coast of Cornwall is known as the “Cornish Riviera” due to it’s comfortable and moderate climate, though it can get quite cold in the whole of Cornwall. Instead of describing the various places in Cornwall, I’ll just post a few pictures of the many different places and things to do in the duchy. Should you decide to book a holiday there, make sure you try a “pasty” (pr. pas-tee). Tin mining used to be the major industry there and the pasty was created for the miners to hold the seam with their tin covered hands and eat the rest (meat and two veg inside). This way, they didn’t ingest any of the toxic tin dust into their body. Pretty smart, if you ask me! As far as I know, there aren’t any active mines but you can still get a pasty. Mmmmm!


                                               Land’s End









                 The Eden Project








                                               The Admiral Benbow Inn, Penzance




                                                  St. Michael’s Mount

 Wherever you decide to go in Cornwall, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. There’s something for everyone and the Cornish people would be only too happy to tell you a little of their history if you ask. After all, they managed to maintain Christianity and their Celtic tongue, even while being invaded back in Roman times. And if you happen along a quaint little shop in a village but it isn’t open yet, don’t worry, the shopkeeper will be along to greet you…drekkly!

The Cornish Flag





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