“Fly me to the moon…”

Well, maybe not the moon…but how about here:

What?? You were expecting Europe?  LOL   Not even close.  I’m just flying in for a family reunion later in the Summer and thank freakin’ goodness for THAT!! I am sooooooo ready for “Calgon, take me away”…y’all don’t know.  My dearest and bestest cousin-buddy is driving down from Minnesota and staying for a month, though I can only stay for about 3 days. Whether I’m working then or not, makes no difference. I really need to see my relatives, before we all get too old and infirmed to travel. And it could happen. One never knows.

I haven’t seen my cousin Gin since I graduated high school 28 years ago! Seems like the only time we all get together anymore is at weddings and funerals. Bummer. I kinda miss the days of picnics in the park and Saturday nights at the various aunt and uncle’s houses. Things were much different back then because I was very young and not worried about the mortgage or the car insurance or any of the mundane but necessary irritants of our lives as adults. All I know is SOMEbody better make potato salad!  ; )   

Seriously though, if you thought I was grousing in my last post…well…it’s just a good thing I won’t be grousing now. Because believe me, I could. Today was crap on a crap cracker. Started out waaaay too early (woke up at 3:30am and got on my new FarmVille English countryside farm) and kinda went down the dumper from there. Okay, it wasn’t bad bad but it was up there on the Suck-o-meter. Suffice to say that the Guinness HARP was very smooth going down and kept me from lobbing right-angled objects at the other inhabitants of the house…ALL of the other inhabitants!! Just one of those days, y’all. *sigh*

At any rate, before I start tapping the keys for the manuscript, I wanted to share my good news just as I share my bad news with you. I seriously can’t wait until this reunion. I’m thinking I better get a couple more memory cards for my camera because I’ll be taking loads of pictures of old neighborhoods, family and whatever else trips my trigger. One thing is sure though: I am NOT looking forward to the ol’ TSA pat down at the airport. Think it would piss ’em off if I asked for dinner and a movie after the pat down?  ; )    I’ll probably ask just to see how they react. I know…I’m terrible. But hey, we all need to laugh at ourselves a bit more than we have been. Life gets too stuffy if you’re always serious.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Until next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!


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