Trip down Google map lane

I’m baaaaack!!  LOL  Dang, y’all!! Seems like for-e-ver since I’ve blogged but really, it hasn’t.  Well, almost two weeks so yeah, guess it has. Anyway, I was playing the ol’ FrontierVille game and went to check out some tips when I opened a new tab on my browser. Got my tips…then my DNS got hijacked (Domain Name System (DNS) is a database system that translates a computer’s fully qualified domain name into an IP address) and I closed the browser. As soon as I did,  my screen filled up with a porn add and I was almost sick to my stomach.  Can’t believe we still have jerks out there that concoct these “attachments”.  *sigh* It’s all been fixed now though.

Anyway, it’s soooo good to know I can surf the net with no issues and more importantly, I can start rolling on my autobiography, unfettered. I can’t TELL you how nice that is. I have a 5 subject spiral notebook in a broken-down, plastic stackable bin…thingy I snagged from my son’s closet. One of the roller casters is held on by some shipping tape but hey, I can keep all my stuff separated and organized. I think I’ll just have to build my own one day, kind of an L-shape, not unlike those desks you see at Office Depot with the return on one side? Hard to explain but let me say that I took shop in 8th grade so I can build a better gun rack than sew a straight stitch. Go figure.

One of the things I did after getting my laptop fixed (by my son’s 17 yr old friend, I might add) was download the Google Earth plug-in so I can take a 3D view of almost anywhere. Wow…that’s all I can say. Technology is absolutely amazing these days, because you might be sitting in your room in Texas (like me) but can travel abroad without ever leaving your home.  Admittedly, all this technology and Google Earth is a tad Orwellian, in that it makes one feel as if “Big Brother” has a constant eye you. But oh, the places we can go!  I started with my hometown in Missouri.

I visited my old school, then went down the street to where my eldest brother and his first wife lived. Well, at least I think it’s where they lived. It was a very long time ago. I dragged the little yellow “dude” to a street I remembered and found the house I grew up in…an old Victorian my parents bought for $9,000 back in 1973. Then I went down to the city swimming pool and the park across from it, where my friends and I used to sit smoking cigarettes and drinking Cokes. I found the house my dad rented after he and mom divorced (I was 13) and the tiny little cottage where mom and I lived. My eldest brother had been on his own for a while and my other older brother (by 15 months) lived with my dad. By the time I was 14 though, I was such a pain in the butt that my mom sent me to daddy’s to straighten me out. She remarried and moved out to the country.  I tried to find the farm she and my stepfather had but couldn’t.

Then I found Airport Road (every community has one, doesn’t it?) and kept clicking on the arrow, moving forward to the place I spent a great deal of time…my boyfriend’s house. Because that was kind of out in the toolies, the map arrows only went so far. Still and all, that was fun, seeing all the places I remember and how the town has changed…which is alot. Before I shut down for the night, I took a trip across the pond to the UK to see where some of my Facebook buddies live. Awesome!!  I went to Bromsgrove and Charford (in Worcestershire, England) and then West Kirby, near Liverpool and then down to Boscastle, Cornwall, where my friend Melanie lives, in a 300 yr. old cottage by the sea. Just lovely.

So, while  the electronic doohickeys keep track of us via credit and debit cards, zip cash tollways, web cams and Google maps,  all in all, it’s great for someone like me who has never seen mountains OR the ocean but is able to go to all the places I’ve only dreamed of. Pretty dang cool!!

Until next time…

   & hair grease, y’all!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Randi Marshall
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 21:08:35

    I had fun with Google Earth as well Ne!


  2. Kathie
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 07:26:11

    Ya know – I grew up on Airport Road.


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