The big ch-ch-chill!!

Just in case there’s someone who hasn’t already heard, North Texas and the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex was blessed with a trifecta of rain, sleet and ice on Tuesday, Feb. 1st. When I say blessed, I’m being facetious, of course.  Lots of folks in the more northern states think we Texans are making a big deal out of nothing. Well, you have to consider that 1) we are a Southern state and 2) any snow and/or ice we do get usually melts after a couple days.  While it IS very pretty… (see pic below)

         My backyard looking west

the street in front of my house is one big sheet of ice. We did get a few snow flurries but for the most part, just ice. That’s how it goes when you live in North Texas; we get warm southerly wind and it clashes with cold north wind (in this case, Arctic) and we get ice.  Check out the pics I took at the edge of my driveway:


That my friends, is somewhere between 1/2 – 1″ of ice…what I like to call a butt bustin’ waiting to happen. Those were taken today (Thurs.) and very little of it has melted away. Supposed to snow late tonight and into Friday morning but I’m not worried. I’ll just stay bundled up in my little Himalayan trooper hat and my legs under a comforter. (I’m at the north end of the house and have a draft in my room…damned if I can figure out where though) I kinda don’t mind this weather very much, if I’m being honest. I like being toasty warm and snuggling with my little French bulldog, Sassy.

What I don’t like is our hot water heater stopped working when the storm came in, sooooo I used a couple 3 qt pots and boiled water so I could bathe. (a very quick bath!) Can’t fix it yet so we must adapt and “go with the flow”. Instead of being my normal windbag self, I thought I’d post a few pics from around the metroplex of the treacherous conditions for driving but also some of the beauty and creative ways folks are dealing with this Arctic blast. Enjoy!


the Hi 5 ( 120ft./37m off the ground)            Slippery driving


                                            Downtown Dallas

Sand truck convoy hittin’ the streets













 laundry basket surfin’

Cloudburst of snow in Frisco neighborhood

I tried to embed a video but for some reason, I can’t access my inner IT geek-ness so I’ll just paste the link and hopefully, you’ll be able to see it.


Time for me to go kiddies…see ya next time! 



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