Merry Christmas…to you.

I promised I’d be back on Christmas Eve…but I just got so tired and had to turn in for the night. Very weird weather here and naturally, my allergies were giving me fits. Sinus headaches are no fun but sometimes, you just have to deal with it and carry on. Nasonex, Tylenol, Coca-Cola and a heating pad set to “medium”…worked like a charm.

The Christmas goodies are made and waiting to be enjoyed after what’s sure to be an unusual, but nonetheless delicious dinner later. At this time last year, life was very bittersweet, awkward and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Now I’m pretty content and though my situation hasn’t changed, my attitude has. And I’m glad.  Just when I think I can’t endure anymore of life’s curveballs, I find that I’m more resilient than I realized and it gives me the little boost I need to forge ahead.

Right now, all is fairly quiet. Well, sort of. My son came home late last night and right now, he’s snoozing on the bed with me, my little Sassy girl snuggled close to him and snoring like mad! LOL   Mother-in-law is putting the ham in the oven to heat up for dinner. We haven’t had a Christmas ham in I don’t know how long and this year, she decided to do a Coca Cola glaze for it. Yummy!!  She’s a pretty good egg, as are all my family members. Hate being so far away but with all the electronic gadgets these days, there’s no reason not to stay in touch. And isn’t that what this time of year is all about? Well, let me rephrase that…Jesus is the reason for the season but much of the time, we travel far and wide to be with our families for Christmas and celebrate that fact together. But will all that “warm fuzzy” go away tomorrow? Will it come back after we’ve had a few too many on New Year’s Eve?

Lest you think I’m being a tad preachy (okay, I am), it seems we get all full of love and good feelings for a brief couple of months and then it goes away once the holiday is over and we’re back into our daily grind. And sometimes, it’s just that: a daily grind. For once, I can honestly say I like my job and that’s a good thing. Of course, if I could do this for a living, I’d be ecstatic. Still working on that part. But everything I am I owe to my family and the people who love me, including the man I’ll be divorcing. See, I think one should learn from everything that happens to them, good bad or indifferent. The two people who have had and continue to have the most influence on my life has been my wonderful parents, God rest their souls. When I think of them (which is every day) I feel good inside, knowing that they imbued me with all the right values, sense of direction and respect for others, even if I didn’t always show it. 

So on this crisp and windy Christmas day, I want to say thank you to my brothers, both of whom I love very much. I’ve learned a lot from them as well. Thank you to my mother-in-law for helping me unload the excess baggage from my first marriage and making me realize my opinion does matter and I don’t have to take guff from any man (including her son. lol) and to my soon to be ex who by letting me be me, brought out my best. To my son, for always being there and having my back lately when things started to fall apart. To me, this feeling is every day, not just one or two days at the end of the year. I have much love in my heart and am not afraid to express it…I think the world could really use some.

To all my friends across the globe, Merry Christmas…I love you all very much!!  The  image below represents what my parents mean to me: home, hearth, warmth and love. I won’t mourn their passing but celebrate their lives and how much of it they’ve given to me. I will do my best to be a good example for others and try to keep this Christmas in my heart always.

And THIS my friends, is for you…a very Merry and Happy Christmas. Stay safe and be kind to one another.


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