Ayup…feels just like a nor’eastah!

Well, it’s not that bad but the wind is definitely gusty out there and it is from the northeast. Plus, I like the way Mainers talk.  : )  Being in an older double-wide, it rattles the windows a bit and whistles through the trees. I kinda like it, actually. 

What I don’t like is the fact that it was 88*F this afternoon…but it’s gonna get down to 45*F by late night. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly that jacks with someone’s allergies. The bridge of my nose felt like someone had a pair of pliers on it as the day wore on so I tried to get all my errands out of the way before I got home from work. You see, I haven’t used my Nasonex allergy spray in a couple days and I’m paying the price now. Oh to have normal frontal sinus cavities. <sigh>

I try to be frugal with the nasal spray since it was a free sample. I have a very cool allergist but I can’t afford to make an appointment to get a recurring prescription, henceforth, no more freebies. Boo! Gotta have that health care or it’ll darn sure make you lighter in the wallet. So as always, I just deal with it the best I can. Story of my life. On the plus side, I’m looking forward to having Christmas Eve off (w/o pay…I’m temp to per, remember?)

Here’s what I have planned for Christmas Eve day: get pint of Captain Morgan spiced rum (adding to the hot spiced cider that evening), get all the fixin’s and make Oreo truffles, get ingredients for snickerdoodles cookies and spinach dip and when it gets nice and dark outside, throw a log in the fireplace and torch it up! I’ll be sipping my rum spiced hot cider while typing up my Christmas Eve blog post.

To all my peeps out in Cali, I hope and pray the rain stops soon and everyone is safe. And for my peeps in the upper Midwest and in the UK, take care and if you don’t have to be out in the snowy mess, please stay home!  To my East coast buds, y’all be careful too, hear? This weather is just off kilter lately but such is the way of Mother Nature.

See ya Friday!    ; )


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  1. kathie Truitt
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 20:02:33

    About a week ago, Hubby decided to cut out a lot of his carbs. He says it’s almost cured his sinus trouble and it’s the first time he can remember (ever) being able to breathe freely. Maybe it’s worth a try for you?

    It’s 88 and then dropping to 45? Whew! What a shock.


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