I miss Mayberry…cont’d

Okay…so in part one of this post, I was kvetching the fact that we’ve grown accustomed to open-all-night stores, working from home (which I still like), our seeming obsession with the lives of celebrities and their foibles, etc., etc. I won’t bemoan the advent of our internet, remote control TV and other wicked cool electronic gadgetry because there are alot of good things about this Age of Technology so please, don’t misunderstand. I just think we should slow down a bit and rethink our lives and the direction we, as a nation of people are going.

As evidenced by an earlier post, I have lots of ideas on the kind of home I’d like and its furnishings, places I’d like to go (if I haven’t posted places I want visit, I will) and things I would do if I had the money. Ah, there’s that ugly word…money. It’s great if you have a little of it, it can be a problem if you have too much of it,  but it’s a large part of your daily thoughts if you never seem to have enough of it. I fall into the latter category but not in a greedy, want-it-all kind of way. I just want to be able to pay my bills and have enough left over for whatever emergency may arise.  Oddly, it would take money for me to live in the relatively old-fashioned and simple way I remember from my youth.

Nostalgia? Mmmm…perhaps. I just don’t think it’s bad to want people to be polite to each other, to raise their children with manners and a healthy respect for hard work, to value our elderly for their past contributions to our present lives.  Basically, a Mayberry kind of attitude. That’s how I always thought of the town where I grew up…Mayberry. But in a “man, there ain’t nothin’ here” sort of way. Admittedly, it can be a tad boring there, since the population is a tad less than 4,000 people. But it’s a lovely little town and not a bad place to raise a child. I thought I’d illustrate that with a few photos I found. Judge for yourself:


That’s the city park and of course, the other building is the old opera house, both of which are in the small but quaint downtown area. It also has its homegrown businesses and  small town motel.


But it also has  great 100 yr. old houses and naturally, the school…



Trust me when I tell you that by the time I graduated high school, I couldn’t wait to get the hell outta there! I moved not far away to a real city (lol…that’s what I thought at the time, anyway). So much to see and do and new friends to meet. Yeah, I loved living where there was civilization. Funny though, I didn’t mind going back home to visit because it was…cozier. To this day, I still think of my hometown very warmly and love going back to visit.  (haven’t been back since my father’s funeral though). The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!  See?



But this is all part and parcel of growing up and not necessarily after you marry or have children. When we’re young, we have a tendency to be impetous, wanting to see, be and do everything. As we mature, our eyes open and we begin to understand our parents a little better and can identify with them on certain levels, all the while retaining our own independent personality. If you do have kids, it’s inevitable that you find yourself repeating things your parents said…even a tree hugging boho like me.  ; )   LOL …don’t worry, I won’t do the “I want world peace” jazz but it wouldn’t hurt us all to just chill a little and slow the pace. We only have this one life so we not only need to make the most of it but find a balance between the frenetic work week and our time off.  Even a small town can be beautiful and worth a second look…

‘Til next time…

               & hair grease, y’all!

p.s. If you want some real life Mayberry, check this place out:



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