The waffle house

I haven’t forgotten you, my peeps. Been a busy week, what with the NEW JOB and all.  : )   Good to be a working class dog again, I know that! The ex got a better paying  job as well so now I won’t be shouldering so much of the bills burden…I hope. Lots of catching up to do so I’ll just eat that apple one bite at a time and eventually, I’ll get it all paid.

The kid is still out of the house and staying with a friend but maybe after his dad starts working a regular shift, he’ll come back. Less time for them to argue that way, though he won’t have his buddy to hang with on a daily basis. He’s not sure what he’s going to do but it’s okay, I get that.  I’d be a little on the fence too but then, that’s what being 17 is all about: not being sure about anything.

Speaking of which,  the ex is on the fence about which gf he wants to “be” with. #4 has a few little issues to work through but he belives she’s the one he would rather be with and he loves her. BUT…gf #1 has been in touch and she’s willing to pay his way to CA for a weekend…and he loves her. He’s not sure which one he’d rather be with, since he’s spent the past (almost) 19 yrs. with me so the trip to CA will kind of help him out. He keeps trying to get together with #4 but apparently, that isn’t possible right at the moment. I think I get that too, though at first, I wondered just what in Sam Hill he was doing…thought he was being a player. Guess not. Which brings me to…well, me.

I kinda go back and forth on how I feel about my ex. The love is all gone and I’m cool with that because we’re pretty good friends. That is to say, we’re not in love with each other anymore but we care about each other as friends and human beings. But because he’s a bit wishy-washy about the gf thing, I thought he was a player like all the other D-bags online…and then I didn’t.  I waffled so much, I should’ve had a daisy in hand 24/7 (i like him…i like him not). Then I realized how friggin’ stupid I was and that I needed to just get over myself and move away from all the minutiae that is his life now and get on with mine. And so my friends, I have. I really have.

It is my sincerest hope that my “ex” finds whatever and whomever he’s looking for and that it/she makes him very happy. Sonny and Cher occupied the same home (mansion) albeit in separate wings and that’s pretty much what we’ve done the past few years; we’ve merely existed and it didn’t help our situation get any better. On the other hand, we both rather like our independence and have become accustomed to it. Sure, there will be times when I think he’s a complete tool and likewise, he’ll think I’m a bitch. But the moment will pass and we’ll resume our friendly repartee like always. The bottom line is this: it takes too much energy to be an asshole all the time and it isn’t healthy. Not only that, one can lose focus of what matters most. And focus, my babies, is of great import if we are to achieve the goals we set for ourselves before we leave this earth. To borrow a crass phrase from my high school days “Don’t sweat the petty things, just pet the sweaty things”.  (I know, but it will stay with you)

Long as I’m being so tacky, I want to share a cute little cartoon before I leave you. We used to pass it around the office where I worked every Halloween so I’ll post it first but I also wanted to add a few more, just for the heck of it. Laughter really is good medicine.   : )     




******************** “Til next time, y’all!! *******************



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