If I was a rich girl…

Sometimes it’s good to take a break y’all and that’s what I’ve been doing. I know, I know, it makes no sense to need a break since I’m still not gainfully employed but I meant give my mind a rest from blogging. Believe it or not, baring one’s soul in electronic form is more than a bit daunting, because once it’s out there…it’s out there for good. Not only that, there’s always the risk that you’ll piss someone off and the drama will ensue, etc. There’s only one person I can think of that would even be irked by my incessant babbling and that would be my “ex”, since he’s not always painted in a good light. Like I said, I HATE liars so even though I’m only presenting my side of our relationship, it’s my truth. ‘Kay…moving on now…

Since the ex still hasn’t gotten paid or worked (been 3 weeks but he’s got a line on a job) and it’s extreeeeeemely lean around here, I wanted to dream a little…well, alot really…and just blather on about all the things I would do were I ever rich and semi-famous. Yes, I would be a tad selfish but only for a hot minute. Then I would take care of a few people who actually deserve it, not the folks I haven’t heard from in decades who suddenly want a handout. See, unlike some of those lottery winners you see on the A&E documentaries, I don’t have a problem telling someone to kiss the fattest part of my a** because I’m not a freakin’ bank. Having good fortune and sharing with family or really close friends is one thing. But when family or friends constantly pester you and they have a history of leeching, then I don’t think they should be showered with riches if they weren’t willing to work for it before your good fortune.

So what would I do? LOL  I have a laundry list but I’ll try to do this with images & captions so it isn’t quite so boring. Dreaming big requires pictures so the mind can put the puzzle pieces together for a complete visualization of the idea.

First, I think I’d like to have a house like either of these:


The vintage photo is of an old mansion (now since razed) in the little town where I grew up. My cousin and a few friends kinda did a Nancy Drew and went investigating before it was demolished. Pretty cool but also spooky. The other is an architectural design I found on the internet but I really like the floor plans…plus, it’s 4500 sq. ft. so there would be plenty of room to cram a library in there somewhere. Yup yup…I’m a total book nerd!

Somewhere in my house, I want this Botticelli (Birth of Venus) and the other is a likeness of Drew Barrymore created for the movie “Ever After”, another of my favorite movies.

The next photos are not necessarily exactly what I want but I think it would be a beautiful way to decorate a lovely Queen Anne style  Victorian home.


And of course, the dining room, library, etc.


I realize all this is terribly old fashioned and most folks would spend a buttload of money on a nice modern home or maybe go green with an Earthship…I really should dream about being eco conscious and find images of that instead. But I grew up in a Victorian home and though it was creaky and the floors weren’t always level, I kinda liked it. My country is America but my heritage goes back to England so maybe that’s why I’m so partial to this particular style.   ; )


Now isn’t that just a great big, fluffy, girly kind of bedroom? I haven’t always been that way…I don’t think. At any rate, if I ever get to the point where I can actually do all this, I know just the person to call to furnish my home…Kathie T. She and I both love old homes like these and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t mind travelling hither and yon to find just the right pieces.  She’s a real sweetheart y’all!

Now, moving right along…I want to include something I’ve had my eye on for a looooooong time: my own pub. This one can be in my house though. It’s a scaled down replica of a tiny pub in Tewkesbury in the English West Midlands. And of course, it would include my favorite bevvy, Newcastle Brown Ale!! 


I also intend to have a soft drink fountain with two, count ’em…TWO dispensers for my Coca Cola!    : )    I’m thinkin’ I probably need one of those cool ice machines you see in the restaurants too…y’know, the kind that makes a bazillion cubes and no one can pronounce the name of the brand? (it’s Manitowoc, like the place in WI).  And in the back yard, a lovely English garden, somewhat like this:


So while these are lofty dreams indeed, it keeps me from going crazy, thinking about the fact that I’m financially trapped, I want someplace to call my own (for once in my life) and my son essesntially lives with friends…which makes me more than a bit sad. I’ll just have to let these dreams keep me busy so I don’t cry in frustration. *sigh* This quasi-empty nest thing sucks…s’all I’m sayin’. ‘Til next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!


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  1. Marcie
    Oct 18, 2014 @ 06:53:10

    I love your blog and bought a victorian from 1880 that was vacant and falling apart! Could be my foyer in the photo! From another pmw!


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