I live in my own little world…but it’s okay, they know me here.

Hello childrens…I have returned!  Haven’t felt much like blogging since my son has been gone. He’s back momentarily so he can have a tooth pulled and recuperate; then back to his buddy’s house, most likely. It’s an odd existence, that’s for sure but I think it’s better than being in a constant state of agitation, which is what would happen if my son were here all the time. At any rate, I baked him a special Halloween funfetti cake so he can have some sweets before he has that tooth yanked, poor baby.

Remember when I said my “ex” quit one job and moved on to another?  Yeah, well he’s job hunting again. He’s barely been paid the past 3 weeks, though he’s gotten some money. Apparently, his boss is merging his business with another but is waiting for his customers to pay him…which will be on the 1st. Best guess is, his boss is waiting until then so he can pay my “ex”. Meanwhile,  his mother and I are trying to cover bills and such the best we can.  I won’t get into the particulars, as that area was covered already in an earlier post.  It’s not quite hand to mouth but it can get a bit lean at times. You could say we’re kinda used to it though.

Anyway, the ex hasn’t worked since Friday but has been trying to call his boss, with no success, hence the job hunt. As for the time between then and now, he’s spent most of it online in his virtual world or talking to his gf. I felt so bad in regard to bitching about him in my blog that I spoke to a couple of our mutual friends to tell them if they want to remove me from their friend list, I understand. So far, both have been very kind and said what’s happened between me and the ex doesn’t change our friendship. That makes me very happy because I’ve made it a point to always be honest, even at the risk of losing a friend. One can never tell when a couple splits and the mutual friends are kinda in limbo. I’m very lucky.

So…on to other things. I want to say that though I’m sure me raggin’ on my ex is probably what keeps people reading these posts (if anyone is reading them at all), that’s the last thing I want to keep talking about. There are much better topics that deserve attention so here’s what I’m going to do: get the latest round of BS out of my system in ONE post and hopefully, I’ll never have to bring up the subject of my “ex” again. Thank you in advance for letting me piss & moan, as it is greatly appreciated.

  • Upon returning from a suds scuttle (beer run) I returned the keys to my ex after borrowing his POS and he says “I can’t believe what I just did” I asked what he did…”I just asked _ _ _to marry me online” Say who?? Yeah, apparently, you can do that online now too. I said “that’s just weird” to which he waves me away and replies “whatever”.
  • While doing laundry, I hear him playing DJ in his virtual “room” and after announcing the next song, he says “…and I love you, baby!” His real-life gf (whom he’s never met face to face) was in his cartoon room so he gave her a shout-out. My son and I then went to the front porch and as he was walking out the door, he mimicked his father’s “love you baby” and spit a mouthful of water onto the porch like he was horking.  LOL
  • Also overheard him chatting with an online buddy “can u see me in my room? I’m surrounded by 4 women! Life is good!!”  Uhh, dude? Just because you have a headset on, doesn’t mean we can’t hear you when you talk too loud.
  • He’s shouting about someone starting shit online…a supposed friend. And this “friend” is trying to stir up trouble between him and his online gf (again, he met his real life gf online in this virtual world, so she’s his online AND real life gf now). Apparently, whoever this Albert Eisenhower is, he’s bragging about the size of his package, etc., etc. The ex is furious and so he and his online fiancee/real life gf unfriend this smack talkin’ idiot.  You got him runnin’ scared now, Neo!!  Woooooooo!!
  • Girlfriend rundown: #1 was from CA and he met her online…she flaked on a face to face meeting back in March w/o calling to say why so he moved on. I went so far as to call her cell and left a VM saying  she makes him happy and please just call him back; #2 from MA (I think), also met online but they’re better as friends now and still talk online; #3 was from NJ and 16 yrs. his junior (but she doesn’t mind) and wants him to come live w/her. That brings us to #4 who is relatively local and his current flame. All this has been in the past year and a half or so…and he’s called every one of these females on his cell phone. I know because I saw all the numbers…I pay the bill.

Here’s the thing: I’m not mad at the new flavor of the month because she’s in a shit situation too. She’s still married and my “ex” happens to be very charming. He really is a great guy…just not husband or father material. I honestly don’t care what he does ’cause honey, I am waaaay past all that. No, what pisses me off is that he doesn’t really know his own son and that has put an indelible wedge between them. All the times he was “away” or playing a gig or at a friend’s house was time away from the little boy he was SO happy about when he was born. It’s more than that though. Our son saw his mother working all the time, paying most of the bills and being the responsible parent while his dad spent lots of time playing video games, online in chat rooms and not spending time getting to know him. Please don’t misunderstand, the ex did work and did help pay for some things. But he has a past and no college education so good paying jobs were simply not on the menu for him. There’s alot more detail but that will be in the auto-bio. Suffice it to say that through the 18 yrs. we’ve been together (16 of them married) my mother-in-law and I have spent more time raising the kid than his father. So now our son doesn’t care what his dad does and doesn’t like him. I try not to talk bad about him in front of my son, even though he’s almost 18 but it wouldn’t matter. The damage has been done and is irretrievable.

As for me…well, this ain’t my first time at the rodeo so divorce doesn’t bother me. I just hope this new girlfriend of the ex has patience. Not that she needs it because I’ve already been there for the really hard years. Guess you could say I did the potty training and she will benefit from it. But as far as the chatting online with women and being the constant center of attention goes, she’ll have to deal with it because I doubt he’ll change what he does for her any more than he would have for me. Just not how he is. Do I have any advice for her? (or whoever he ends up with) Yes. Remember this: if he’ll do it for you, he’ll do it to you.  On that note, I’ll take my leave. ‘Til next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!


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  1. matt
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 20:03:51

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages


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