Will the real unemployment please stand up? (pt. 2)

Yes, I am a windbag…but I come by it honestly. 

I want to stress that though I don’t have a college education, I have very good qualifications on my resume, which consists mostly of various positions in the real estate industry. I won’t elaborate on precisely what aspects of that particular industry as I’m trying to be quasi-nonymous for the time being. No, I don’t have reliable transport but no sense in attracting negative vibes by naming names and places while I’m still looking for employment. Believe me, I have no problem “outing” myself when I’m able. Nothing would please me more. First, I have to make sure people are interested enough for me to try and pursue writing in some form or fashion. My brother read my blog and said I kinda remind him of Erma Bombeck. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me and how flattered I am. He’s a good dude and has a wonderful wife and son. I love ’em all!  Okay…ever onward.

Now that you have an idea of my cost of living, we’re moving on to what I tend to think of as incidentals: prescription medications. I don’t have much I’m supposed to take on a regular basis but I can’t afford health/dental/vision care insurance. When you get laid off, you always get those stupid COBRA packets in the mail but who the hell can afford to pay the premiums?? I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (FM) in 1994 but so far, it hasn’t kept me from doing what I want. I took meds for FM for a while but stopped when I had an involuntary arm jerk. I said buh-bye to the Elavil. These days, I just stretch out or deal with it. I don’t hurt too much. Something I can’t be without is Zoloft for anxiety. Been on that since 2006 and when I tried to wean off, I started again with the palpitations, dizziness, yadayadayada. That costs a little over $42/mo. without insurance and about $15/mo. with. I’m postmenopausal (hence the blog title) and though I don’t take hormone pills, I am supposed to take Boniva. I have one of the three samples left from my last visit to my doctor but I guess I’m saving it, why I don’t know. See, that costs $40/mo. with insurance and $75 without…for ONE freakin’ pill!!  I know, right!! But since menopause is the gift that keeps on giving, I was also diagnosed with osteoporosis. Don’t ask me to tell you when because I can’t remember; that should give you a pretty good idea how long it’s been if  I can’t remember. I really need to take the Boniva because I’ve already had 2 of my bottom teeth just fall right the hell out due to bone loss. I do have gingivitis but the bone in my jaw has just receded far enough that the 2 teeth in the bottom front couldn’t hang on anymore, bless their heart. So not only do I live in a double-wide that’s falling apart, I’m unemployed and when I laugh, I look like I belong in Dogpatch…woo. *SIGH* Good thing I’m not vain, huh?

Let’s recap, mmmkay?  I take Zoloft to keep from going medieval, and should take Boniva so I my bones don’t fly apart like the leg braces on Forrest Gump. I almost forgot to mention that I’m myopic also (near-sighted for the Webster deprived) so I wear glasses. Well, I have a comfortable pair from 2007 I can still see with but I only use them to watch TV when I remove my contact lenses. And those are $50 for a 3 month supply. I wear the 30 day lenses…normally. I put in my last pair right before I got laid off and that was in June. Yes, my 30 day contact lenses have been worn for 3 months. Hey, I’m being green and recycling.  LOL   Not sure if my optometrist will let me get another 3 mo. supply since I’m overdue for my annual exam. Yeah, that was back in Feb. but I didn’t have vision care at the last job. I found out a couple years ago that I’m allergic to everything but food and dogs. Again, woo. I have to say, my allergist is the best around. They gave me free samples of Nasacort and Astepro for 6 or 7 months so I wouldn’t suffer. They really are the best. I’m on my last bottle of those also. I only use it when I reeeeally need it. Without prescription coverage, those tiny little nasal sprays are about $85 each per month. I nixed the Singulair because it gave me trippy dreams. Pass.

I know, boo-friggity-hoo on the lack of health insurance and whatnot but I’m not the only one with these problems. It’s less about how many meds I take and more about how folks sidestep certain things so they have a place to live. Back in 2003, the ex stayed at home because we couldn’t afford afterschool care for the kid and I worked…alot. I had a HUGE car payment at the time so after that and regular montly bills, there was no extra to cover the Boniva.  With inconsistent use, it can’t do it’s job. So we could either eat or buy my osteoporosis meds. We chose to eat. I’m not sure but I think as a result of no Boniva, it affected my jawbone and eventually, those 2 teeth fell out. I should mention they didn’t cause me pain and they weren’t rotten either. I have a great deal of bone loss in my lower back and hips but my insurance ran out at the end of June (after I was laid off; was paid up til end of June) so I couldn’t go back for a bone density scan. Whaddaya gonna do? Now I’ve told you all about my situation, my co-worker was laid off from the same place 4 days before I was. Here are her concerns:

“For some reason, I only received 14 weeks of unemployment, which will run out on September 28th. The September 28th check will only be for $400. My rent is $775, not to mention what car payment, car insurance and utilities cost. If I do not get an unemployment extension, I will lose my house, my car and my two cats (who can’t go to any of the options available to me).

My options will be either to move into the local homeless shelter (which helps with job hunting and getting back on your feet) or to squeeze into my mother’s 3 bedroom house with 3 other people and 2 dogs.

The problem at the current moment is that I can’t find out whether or not I’ll get an unemployment extension until after my current benefits are exhausted. I need to know if I’ll get it before then though because if I don’t, I need to notify my landlord and start moving out of my house…don’t relish the thought of having to wait until I get evicted and lose my stuff.” –BK (with permission)

Now that just sucks out loud. Neither one of us can figure out why we’re only receiving 14 wks of UI but we both know we’re lucky to at least have help. This is the face of the unemployment you don’t hear about on TV. We’re not even earning enough to be middle-class but then that distinction fell to the wayside long ago. Suffice it to say that we may be broke most of the time but we do our best to be responsible and pay our bills so we don’t further damage our reputation or credit score…seemingly if you have a higher credit score, you’re less of a risk. Yeah, guess everyone got fished in on that one when the housing market took a dive. That’s why I don’t EVER want a credit card. Y’know, in spite of it all, I still try to be positive and maintain a glass-half-full attitude. I have other issues to drive me crazy.

Well kiddies, it’s late…or early, depending on where you reside. I’m tired and my hands are cramping from all this typing, so I’m outie. “Til next time…

  & hair grease, y’all!


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  1. Rob Donoho
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 12:49:38

    Great blog I find it funny and yet it makes me mad on a few levels. The Goverment and Your Personal Situation which you don’t deserve. Keep bloggin you have a real gift. Your Friend till the End Rob Donoho!


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