Song sung blue (everybody knows one)

I had planned on something totally different to blog about but sometimes, you just have to be spur of the moment…this would be one of those times. I guess it would be appropriate, considering my last post.

There is certainly enough going wrong in the world these days, so I won’t bemoan that fact. I will, however, express what it is I’m feeling inside and this image accurately represents that:


What I see in the above image is light & dark, calm & chaos, pain & happiness. Sometimes, when it seems that everything in your life is wonky and Murphy’s Law is the norm, you just have to let yourself feel like crap for a while, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I’m feeling so very overwhelmed right now…bills I can’t pay, cars I can’t afford to fix but mostly, I’m living in a house I don’t want to be in. I have a financial responsibility here and I can’t walk away from that. All these things make me feel like crying, only I can’t seem to muster the tears. Sooooo, like the the phrase goes, I’m crying on the inside, hence the image in the post. That’s the closest visual representation I can find.

Being the optimist my mother raised me to be, my blue mood won’t last long…never does. My blog is my forum, my therapy and the best way for me to express every little thing I feel, like anyone would do with a best friend…I’m just sharing on a larger scale. Since I’ve shown an image with a shade of negative, I will balance that by posting an image with more than a shade of positive…flowers in the Ozark mountains. Makes me smile anyway.   : )


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