It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I was kinda talking about today but was also referring to Sunday, the 5th. It was a really good day for a bike ride so I put on my shorts and summery, tunic-y top and headed out on the ol’ Mary Poppins-ish girly bike for a ride down to the lake. It’s not quite a mile from my house but I’m out of shape and…well, the bottom half of me is out of shape. From the waist up, I’m okay. That’s what happens when you have a butt like Jenny from the Block and the menopause fairy wacks the shizzle outta you with her crooked-ass fairy biatch wand . Alright, being sedentary doesn’t help either if you’re gonna nitpick.  ; )   

Anyhoo, once I set off, I was feeling pretty good about myself for taking the initiative to try and be healthy and quasi-sports minded. Like I said, it’s a Mary Poppins bicycle and it doesn’t have 10 speeds or 5 speeds…hell, it doesn’t even have 3 speeds. Just like old times when I was a kid: it only goes as fast as I pedal and it has one of those fun little coaster brakes; the kind that stops the bike when you backpedal?  Peep this:

Beauty, eh? I thought so too. I paid $199 plus tax and that was half the original cost! I know, that’s what I said too!! No, I didn’t get a kiss with that but it’s okay. I love this bike and can’t wait to add the wicker basket, though I do NOT wish to be called Elmira Gulch if you see me pass by.  LOL   All in all, it was well worth what I paid for it and even though it doesn’t have caliper brakes, it makes me work that much harder to get where I’m going…just takes me longer to get there.  As soon as I got to the lake, I stopped and took a snap of my sweaty, no makeup face and then the beautiful, albeit burnt-by-the-sun landscape all around me.



Though the temp was probably in the mid 90’sF, it was still a gorgeous day and a great opportunity to “commune” with Mother Nature and be glad I live so close to a big lake and not stuck in the city. Okay, so this post might be boring to some…do I care? Uhhhhh, that would be no. See, I think as one ages, you learn to appreciate things/places/people for who and what they are. Life is fleeting, my babies so you gotta look at the big picture…but you can’t do that if you don’t slow it down a bit and recognize that nothing is forever. (Well, except cockroaches; those little bastards just won’t die no matter what)

Even though I’m not a professional photog or even a semi-famous blogger, I still asked these two gentlemen if it was okay to take their picture. You just never know what kind of backdraft there’ll be if you don’t bother to ask and then some seemingly random person sues because you didn’t get permission to use their image, regardless of how fuzzy and far away it might be.


And then I met a very nice couple who brought their 9 yr. old brindle boxer Athena down to the lake for a swim and to sit and enjoy the day. They offered a Jack & Coke, though I politely declined. Now if it was a cold beer…I probably would’ve said yes. Could’ve burned off the alcohol and the calories on the ride back. The Mr. is not in the pics, just the Ms. and the dog.










The lovely Athena, heading for shore.   : )

So here it is: I live in a double-wide and it’s falling apart little by little. The ground has shifted enough that my back porch leans in toward the house, as does the a/c condenser. But on any day I want, I can walk out into my back yard and see nothing but a HUGE field and the cemetery at the end of the road. All this is easily visible in Winter but in Spring and Summer, the trees are so full of leaves you have to make your way to the fence and peek through the foliage to see anything. I love living here because I don’t have zero lot lines and I’m not so close to my neighbors I can hear them fart in the middle of the night.  Yup, I loves my space. And with all this nature a bike ride away, why would I want to live anywhere else?





See? I made it!


The long road home…*sigh*







The field next to my house. I’m aaaaaaalmost there but stopped to rest before the last leg of my little “day trip”.   So yeah, this doesn’t mean a damn thing to anyone but me. Had to share anyway because there are so few places one can live where you find so much so close. I want to enjoy it before it all goes away in the name of progress. ‘Til next time…

            & hair grease y’all!            


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