“Thar she blows!”

No, this isn’t a tale of a freakishly large white whale…I was referring to the fact that the rain blew in and man are we glad! Both the front and back yard have patches of green but are mostly burnt by the triple digit heat and intense sun we’ve had lately. Grass shouln’t crunch under your feet if it’s not winter. But with tropical storm Hermine making it’s way up through the state, we got LOTS of rain today (Tues.) and more to come. This is what the day looked like here:


And I’m not complaining one little bit either! It was a good day to be unemployed (except for the lack of money thing) and achy all over, though not from my fibromyalgia. I usually ignore that because I’m used to it. No, I was a tad sore from the 2 hrs. of tree pruning in my back yard on Labor Day and the 5 hrs. of hedge trimming in the front yard.  We’re talkin’ bypass loppers, electric hedge trimmer and Fiskars pivot pruners. Needless to say, I had Fred Sanford hands when I woke up ( @ 4:30am, thank you very much). As a matter of fact, my hands hurt so bad, it was difficult to get back to sleep. That’s when I hit the Tylenol…and slept for another 4 hrs.

Moving on to other things, I normally wouldn’t talk about politics or religion or any other hot button issues. I won’t do that right now either because it’s late, my hands still hurt a bit and I want to read more of my book, “You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again” by Heather McDonald.  However, I decided that my perspective and/or opinion is just as good as anyone else’s, even if I never went to college to learn the proper way to structure an “article” or blog. See, we didn’t have that sort of thing when I was younger. The blog thing, I mean. But, as stated by my favorite movie character, Josie Geller, “words are my life”. My mother told me I used to read the dictionary as a child and she always thought I was well-spoken; I’ma go with her assessment.   LOL   ‘Til next time…

  & hair grease y’all!


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